Halloween plans and traditions!?

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Corvus Corax

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What have you or your family always done for halloween and what do you plan to do this year!
No traditions, nada, zip, not a sausage. It took me until highschool to even know the date it fell on. Plan on a night at home with ^ on IM before she does what she has planned.
Every year, since I'm so much older than my siblings, I take them out trick-or-treating early into the night and then relax at home with scary movies (or just movies in general) and a few friends of mine.
Since I have no kids to look after, I'm stuck at home doing nothing special. :( I doubt we'll see any cuties come by since this is an apartment neighbourhood... But dammit, I'm keeping some candy nearby just in case! I absolutely adore seeing little kids in their costumes.
:( I've always wanted to like, have a scary movie night on Halloween with friends...but I've never been able to...;_;


Usually dress up+candy hunting+practical jokes+getting shot at+turning out lights at home to avoid giving out candy of our own=good times had by all.
My family has pretty much done the same thing each year. Plain old trick or treating. But the last few years they have taken my sis and everyone to church for "trunk or treat" where they just park in the church parking lot with the car trunks full of candy...hey I dont care if I'm seen with kids or at a church..THEY GIVE OUT THE BEST STUFF. Its like I'm thrown back to being a kid and its alllll good.

All. Good.

One year we went on a haunted trail... (The older kids of the group.) must do that again!
We used to do plain old trick or treating.

Nowadays though the only way I even celebrate Halloween is with you guys here on Iwaku.
Go downtown and watch drunk college people dressed in costumes be all drunk like, wondering why the hell people like being drunk.
Go downtown and watch drunk college people dressed in costumes be all drunk like, wondering why the hell people like being drunk.

My city does it better and you know it!

I'm going to first go to my friend's halloween themed wedding, then be one of the drunks at my other friend's birthday bash thingy! Good times to be had all day long~
I make one costume, handmade, every year.

So far, I have a collection of the following:

Jedi Knight (Star Wars)
Ryu (Breath of Fire 3)
Spawn (Todd McFarlane's Spawn)
Archer (Fate/Stay Night)
Rorshach (Watchmen)
King Leonidas (300)
Darth Maul (Star Wars: The Phantom Menace)

This year my girlfriend's going as Buttercup from Powerpuff Girls. I was dumped with Mojo Jojo. Personally, I wanted us to go as a Playboy Bunny and a Chippendale's Dancer, but she was adamantly against that.
If i go as anythig it would be a chaos mutated death korps guardsman. Think ww2 German soldier with tentacles creeping out the bullet holes in his gasmask.
Used to go trick or treating, people said I was TOO OLD to do it anymore so I moved on to passing out candy from home while wearing a costume. It feels kindda nice to GIVE out candy instead of completely horde it.


. . . Is this trend of these LAZY white suburban kids to ride around the neighborhood on bikes WITHOUT ANY COSTUME AT ALL, then try to get candy from you. They just expect to get it no matter what. Complete and utter lack of effort. Just totally defeats the fun in it for me to see what people dress up as. Also explains why they're always chubby little bastards year 'round. So I don't give them any candy at all. What makes it even MORE annoying is they try to come back like 3 hours later and get EVEN MORE candy. Like I'm too stupid to remember what they look like.
I'm just jealousface of all you people in warmer climates. It's always goddamn -50 here during Halloween & we never get to show off our costumes at all ;~; JUST OUR WINTER COATS.
Dressing up as slutty snow white, going to the village parade and getting drunk running around NYC.
I love halloween.
I usually dress up as a sorceress, and go to a party- then go home and veg out on candyyyyy. This time I might skip the party, and just nom candy. MINE! Trick or treaters can have TOILET PAPER. :( BOO THIS KIDS. I also like writing spooky stuff and watching horror movies all night til I'm passed out face first in front of the computer.
Considering the quality of children in my neighborhood these days, Halloween at my house is canceled.