Halloween Paranoia

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  1. Once upon a time, the world was a wonderful place filled with candy canes and gumdrops and no one hurt anyone. Or something like that. Anyway, people didn't have to check their kids' Halloween candy.

    And then, there came a time when some little kid bit into a razor and since then, nothing has been the same. Now, I'm not big on paranoia. Normally, I just eat my candy and assume people are good people. My brother and sister are generally regarded along the same lines and, for my entire life, nothing has ever happened.

    Tonight, however, as I was marching the exuberant and cheerful children down the street in search of candy to extort with the vague threat of harassment, there was one house that made me do a double-take. It was all dark, not an uncommon sight on Halloween by people who don't want to be bothered, but as we walked past, a man came walking out. My sister, being in the lead and anxious to obtain loot, was half a street ahead of me. Specifically, she told me, he called to her to grab a piece of candy. Being the sweet-tooth she is, and it was Halloween (we're encouraging kids to take candy from strangers) she complied. He had brought out four pieces of candy, in hand. Exactly the number of people in our group, and placed it into each individual pillow case carried by each of us.

    It was creepy. I checked their bloody candy as soon as we got home.

    How about those of you with children, nieces, nephews, and cousins that you take trick-or-treating? How do you feel about this whole candy affair?
  2. I always thought it was awesome, but nowadays, I just don't trust people. I never would let my siblings go to houses I knew I couldn't trust and always inspected every piece of candy before it could be consumed. My parents taught me what to look for when examining candy for insertion of sharp objects, drugs, poison and whatever else.

    When I have kids, I just want to throw them a party and spoil them with my own damn candy. It's cheap enough and I'll make them cake, let them dress up and invite friends over, watch movies... It'll be a hell of a lot more fun than strolling through the dark while it's bloody cold outside! I remember seeing no point in a costume because I had to be clad with a scarf, gloves, a hoody AND a coat. e.e

    I find it strange how these holidays evolved. Halloween used to be a Celtic celebration of summer turning to winter, they'd make animal sacrifices and dressed scary to frighten evil spirits. XD From what I remember in history class, anyway. Oi oi oi....
  4. not a fan of the whole giving candy business. dont mind the dress ups and shit though.
  5. I like dressing up, seeing kids dressed up, getting candy and giving it away!

    But I like the movies that come out during halloween the most!

    But yes, there are some cases where I wonder about the safety of some candies.
  6. Like oddly flavored saltwater taffy>?
  7. No shit, I THINK that was supposed to be peanutbutter flavor.