Halloween Jack-O-Lantern Contest

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  1. Jack-O-LanternContest

    Halloween is almost upon us and I know many of us hold the tradition of carving pumpkins to be as cute, fearful and detailed as they can be so share your submissions loose nothing and gain the chance to win a little treat if you win first place.

    I will accept submissions any where from the second I post but wont accept submissions after 6:00pmcentral on the 30th of October.

    You may upload the image of your jack-O-lantern in any format you like, though if we can't see it we obviously can't compare it to the others, this probably doesn't need to be said but your jack-O-lantern MUST be your own work! Help from family and friends is fine but someone else doing your work completely or just copying an image from the internet will NOT be accepted.

    Finally all work will be marked by me: (Demonic hubby/Amethyst Mummy) and my girlfriend: (Demonic Wifey/Mummy Queen W). Together we will pick the jack-O-lantern we think is best whether it be cute, scary or any other category.

    So draw out your knifes, break out your pumpkins and most importantly all you Monsters and Monsterettes out there.... have fun ^w^
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  3. jack_o_lantern2_by_sinderi-d5jb3gu.jpg jack_o_lantern_by_sinderi-d5jb3ao.jpg jack_o_lantern3_by_sinderi-d5jb3ka.jpg
    jack_o_lantern4_by_sinderi-d5jb3n1.jpg jack_o_lantern5_by_sinderi-d5jb3qh.jpg
    Well, you can see more of the glowing eyes in real but still. This is what it looks like now :3
  4. Mine aren't quite as badass, but there needs to be pumpkins! 8D



  5. Well... not as many as I hoped but enough to have a 3rd, 2nd and 1st...
    Only 1st place will get anything, It will take a little bit to judge but I will soon have the results up.
    Thanks to all who entered.
  6. Sorry it took so long >///< I have been a little rushed, though I loved them all, Theorys' one is just a step up in creativity, I once again thank all who entered, I hope you had fun making them.
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