Hallo, ein Deutschland rollenspiel? Holle ja! (A Germany roleplay? hell yeah!)

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  1. This is a Holocaust germany roleplay! i am looking for either a female character, or a female character willing to be a Homosexual, perhaps Bisexual.
    "DIE JUDEN AR RATTEN!" and the kicking of the jewish populous in large cities was common before they started carting them off. "Judisch dreck" was common before stomping their already bleeding faces to pulp with the heel of your boot, those who didn't, they were considered jew lovers, and were carted off for interrogation and "Questioning" (German slang for bloody torture) The main focus of this RP is on Ades (English is Adam) and your character, this is the skelly frame! please if you are interested, put the name in english and i'll tell you what it would be in holocaust germany! i will pm the person i pick ^_^

    Name: Ades Kostenburg
    Age: 19
    Special Perks/ Problems (Please have one for one): Good survivalist before the holocaust (he lived in munich) He knows carpentry and is good at unskilled labor / He is unsocial, awkward, and doesn't know his own strength
    Background (Like, what s/he did in childhood, In his/her teen years, and in her/his adult life if s/he is that old, doesnt have to be long): When he was a small child, he and his dad taught Krav Maga and, for the germans who didn't want to learn "jewish fighting," Ringen, or german wrestling, focusing on the quick incapacitation and disarming part of it, he also fought a lot of fist fights, he and his friends measured themselves on how well they could fight not hitting vulnerable parts, in his teen years he was a professional bouncer/bodyguard/fighter for the Eisenfaust Band, and he attended homeschool, and had no girlfriends. At. All. In his adult life, just a year ago, he was surprised that the Nazi Party told him to leave, or they would use deadly force, he didnt want to die a virgin, that was the only reason he didnt f*ck them up right there, he worked hard to buy a house, damnit! he survived as a "traveler" until Adolph Hitler took over, then he sought shelter from the street beatings to one of the nicest people he knew back from the playground, You, he asked if he could stay with you. you say yes, and he is in
    personality: quick to fight, scroungy, stoic, surly, cheeky.
    (just me) things: hand wraps for fighting, wool undies, overalls, and a longsleeved white shirt, with a tuque from russia, some valuables from his family line, a few marks, a compass, and a knife, all of which he brought from his house that year ago, not to mention the valuable Eisenfaust Shirt, signed by the dreamy, tall, muscular, emotional lead vocalist Eliphalet (His fanbase was mostly young gothic women.)
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