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It's been 30 years since the Kingdom of Errere fell. All that remains is the Grey Wastes, a toxic dump that's extending towards the northern continents. Everyone is nervous. That curse is creeping towards them, and no one knows how to break it.

Be careful. It's a dark, dangerous world that's ripe for trial and adventure. Hungry dragons, gigantic beasts, desperate thieves, greedy pirates and corrupted leaders will hunt you. People taste the grit of war and watch their fellows die in the mud. Terrible villains creep behind every wall- some even in plain sight- and gobble up wary travelers.

But it's also a world of brave knights, daring princes, enchanted castles and accidental heroes. Of courage and persistence and uncommon friendships. Of struggle and survival and identity.

Of light, of dark, of everything in between.

Halfmoon is a high fantasy medieval forum. Not unlike Tolkien's magnum opus, this Earth runs on kings, monsters and magic with limited (or bizarre) technology. We are a revived community of writers and artists interested in telling a good story. Come join our psychotic little world and enjoy the chaotic misadventures.

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