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But does he know about second breakfast?
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I like most. However, I have found I am most comfortable with Fantasy, Sci-fi, Fandom, and Modern.

Augustana was a beautiful city, in the mountains. People would kill to live here, and they have. This capital of Stallwin has lived my wars. It was the oldest city in existence. Full of art and business, the city never truly stopped moving. The only thing that really changed was the fact that the city shined differently at night.

Among the shouts and conversation, two brothers stand alone. Their uncle had sent them on an errand. A delivery was set to go to the financial district. However, they could not find the right vendor.

"The hell is this "Wear-Wolf" stall? We have been walking for hours!" The young man sat at a bench.

Looking up at his brother, he just scoffs.

"Derik, he is not gonna show up!! It is way to late in the night now. We cannot just sit here all night, who knows what type of creatures dwell here, and im so damn hungry I've thought about roasting you... WITH carrots!!!" Stephen exclaimed, grumpily. He sat on a fallen tree trunk carving at some hollow wooden tube of some sort... He had found it on there treacherous long walk to there current location, and had been mesmerized by it some how. He knew it would form some type of shape on its own but was extremely curious as to what. "How the hell will we even know what this "wear-wolf" will look like if we have never met him?! Uncle truly did not think this out, AND he promised we would be back before the charyou fair! By now its probably over..."
"Well maybe part of the problem is..."

The older brother bopped the other.

"We are looking for A STALL! Not a person, you dunce!" he bellowed.

Sighing, he sat down next to Stephen. Wow, this was not getting them anywhere. They had to get back. He was right, the festival was drawing to it's conclusion. Their uncle must have lost his mind.

"A STALL?!... WHY DIDNT YOU SAY SO!!! I saw a stall with a sign saying "THE WEREWOLF" three streets over!!" Stephen stood up, over excited, and tripped on the very trunk on which he had just been sitting upon. "It didn't look like much of a stall, but hey uncle does know how to pick shady places alot of the time. Why on mother earth would he send us there though, specially when he knows this was supposed to be my first year dancing at the burning!" Not even paying attention, Stephen lifts the tube to his lips, above the hole he had just carved out, and blew on it. Then dropped it in astonished shock as it made a high pitch whistling noise like one of the old machines, that didn't work any longer...
Quickly, his eyes went between his brother and the dropped object. The sound was something that pierced his ears. If it was good or bad...that was yet to be determined.

"What are you doing? What did I tell you about putting things in that gullet? Uncle will hear about this!" he bellowed.

Derik bopped him again.
stephen pouted as he was chastised, and bopped.. again. " i did not do that on purpose... what the heck was that anyway? it sounded kind of cool..." he goes to pick it it, but stalls, slightly afraid of the mysterious noise. the last time he heard that high pitch was when one of the machines of old somehow began to work again, just as they're parents had been exploring it for edible and NON-carnivorous plant life. that had been the last time they had ever heard of their parents again... "what do you think bubba? should i try it again?" he stares, scardily at derik, questioningly...
He squinted at his brother.

"Perhaps....if you can make a lower sound. I hate things that are TOO high-pitched."

Derik knew that his brother seemed a little curious. He was always the one to make sure he was okay. Yet, Derik was never the one to keep him from following dreams. That is what a big brother should do. Protect and let loose.
"hmmmm... didnt they have one of these last year at the fair? ... but it had more holes... i think... so if i... carve this here... and... here, then this should do it..." sthephen thought aloud, as he finished carving out the correct holes into the tubed "instrument". "Alright, here we go, im gonna give it a try..."

As Stephen blew into his newly adjusted toy, it made a low, humming tune, that was sweet, and melodious, causing all the greenery around to shift, and sway.
Derik just watched and listened. Somehow little Stephen just constructed a piece capable of wonderful sound. What's more is the environment started to move.

"Stephen, keep playing. I think...I think it's making the trees moving."

"Thats rediculous! stop pullin my leg. there is no reason this THING, whatever it is, would make those trees move. only reason they would be moving is if they were hungry, and if that were the case, then i for one would not be here to wait for them to eat me. come on lets get going, we still might be able to get some scraps from the feast if we hurry." Stephen stored the pipe away in his leather satchel, and began hurriedly walking towards where he believed he saw the stall with the strange sign. " i swear to you it was just down this street! com on der!! hurry up!"
Derik kept glancing at the trees. Getting up, his eyes battered right to left. Was he going crazy? No, no he couldn't. Derik was too strong for that.

Hurry up, he heard.

Shaking his head, he followed his little brother. Maybe they could try again later. The feast waited for them to crash what was left.

"I am coming, hold on. You always are in such a damn rush!" he declared.

​As they rounded the corner, at the final stretch of the street to the wearwolf stall, they heard a sudden rucus from the inside... Stopping quite abruptly, as they rounded the corner of the stall all they saw was a bloody mess, with a hooded man standing over a pulseless bloody body. Screaming as if hed just seen a murder, stephen turned and began to haul ass in the direction of his only safe haven he had ever know. He couldnt believe what he had just seen, but refused to go back to make sure. As he ran, flying past derrik, he screamed, "Someone has just been murdered back there!!! Lets hurry up and get home, NOW!!!" He did not even look back to see if his alarming words had registered in his older brothers head. He had to get out of there, and FAST!
Derik didn't even stop to think, he followed. He wasn't going to take that risk, when he knew his brother wasn't a liar. The worst part being that a shadow started to come around the corner. It stretched across the ground.

"By the goddess!" he cried

For a chubby guy, Derik could move. Catching up with Stephen, sweat rolled down both brows.
As he hit the vast forest that separated the village from the main town, Stephen, without realizing it, pulled out his strange new device, and began to play as he ran. Not knowing what he was doing, but feeling comfort from it, he abruptly stopped and picked up a peaceful, harmonic tune, that made the trees sway, and dance. The opening they had just come through suddenly closed off through a heavy clump of vines and branches, and they were safe... For the time being.

"What the HELL was that!!" Stephen exclaimed, heaving and in pain from their swift escape. looking flabbergasted, at what he had just done... "Did i just do that?! What the hell is going on? Derik who was that guy and why would uncle send us there?!"

Scared shitless and tired from overexertion Stephen sat down on a tree stump. Being a kid who always loved to have fun and live his life to the fullest thrill of enjoyment, he did not understand the crazy situation they had just been in. So he truly hoped his older more serious brother would know what that was and what to do next.
Derik was leaned over, panting like there was no tomorrow. He had energy to show as much emotion as Stephen. Mentally, the older brother had a lot going on. Now a witness to murder, plant manipulation, and rhythmic tunes it was a bit much for him. Breathing sounded like an engine trying to start.

"Ok, before we talk about this...we should catch our breath. That was...way to much running for me." he declared sweating.

He put his hands on his damp forehead. Internally, this opens your lungs up so that you can take in breaths easier. Slowly sitting, Derik stated to be able to make words without any problem.

"Now...in an probably failed attempt...I think I can make sense of all this. The most obvious thing being that...for some reason a man or woman was murdered in front of the clothing stall. Next thing being, you somehow managed to create a device that controls foliage. I don't know who the man was. You had a better look than I did. As for uncle....this will certainly be a story to tell at dinner tonight."
standing up angrily and agressively pacing the small enclosed area...

"DON'T EVEN TALK TO ME ABOUT DINNER RIGHT NOW!!! How the heck can you think of food when we just saw a mans guts spilled all over the place?!" stephen exclaimed, "Then again i forgot who i was talkin to. focus derrik, we need to figure out what to do, and we need to do it fast! what the heck will we tell uncle, i know by now he is probably showing some type of concern on our whereabouts! even if he is a fat heartless slob!!... alright im sorry, that was uncalled for... my head is just racing and i dont know what to do..."

stephen sat down, in the grass, staring bewildered at the wooden pipe... how had he come across such a strange unique... thing... out of all the people in the worlds... why him...
Derik really wanted to hit him, again. His words were uncalled for and very disrespectful. However, his little brother just seen a cold-blooded murder that he did not. A lot of things unnatural and frightening was squeezed into one day or so. Sitting next to him, Derik slipped his arm around his brother.

"Don't worry, we will get to the bottom of whatever is happening all of a sudden. I just need you to settle and keep your head on. Panicking about this will not make it better. In fact, it makes it worse. Try to look on the bright side. You somehow created such a wonderful sound that these plants respond to. Also, you might be able to help solve a murder. It's almost like an entire story is forming around us. I can't be there for you, if my little suddenly became someone who was not brave. You're still brave little Stephen, right?"
looking up at his brother, stephen could hold it back no longer, and the tears, hot and streaming, fell down his face. he tried to hide it, but knew it would do no good... he took a deep breath, and stood up, "we should probably find our way back to the village, before it gets too late. the counsel must be notified... and uncle...

turning from his brother, he lifted the flute up to his lips and played a random tune, placing in it his full emotions, and opened a path in the right direction.

"You coming or not?", he asked looking back at derrik.
After a brief walk, they made it back. It was very empty. Everyone had already put out their fires for the night. The moonlight had lit their way to their home.

"I think it would be best if we told uncle first, and maybe get some sleep. It has been a rough day." he whispered

The door creaked open just enough to wake the neighbors. A stale waft sneaked into the nostrils. It was not a pleasant smell. Derik coughed the instant he detected it. The smell seemed to be coming from the kitchen. Upon further investigation, he spotted his uncle cutting Limburger cheese.

"Hello, Uncle." he whispered