Half-Blood: The Lost Kingdom

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  1. Long ago in millennia past, an empire prospered. Before the birth of Rome, and in the aftermath of the fall of Athens, Macedon grew to prominence under the banner of the demigod Alexander the Great. The Macedonian Empire grew beyond the size of the Caesars' largest conquests. But upon Alexander's death, his generals destroyed everything he had built. It was assumed by the mystical community at large that nothing of Alexander's legacy truly survived the wars and infighting that followed, and that the rest vanished when Rome expanded. However, this was not entirely the case.

    It is the year 2016 AD, in the aftermath of the Second Giant War. Camp Jupiter, the home of the Roman demigods, has reached an unprecedented peace with Camp Half-Blood, the Greek camp. Two emissaries from each side have arrived with a bodyguard in the Midwest of the United States to negotiate further. What they did not expect, however, was to arrive at their meeting place (Lincoln, Nebraska, a location regarded as halfway between the camps) and discover an entire city of demigods. What they learned when they arrived would change the world of demigods forever...

    The basic premise of this RP is that, in the world of Percy Jackson and Jason Grace, there was a third location outside of Camp Half-Blood (the traditional Greek camp) and Camp Jupiter (the Roman camp): The Kingdom, populated by the descendants of Alexander the Great and his Macedonian empire. For the most part, the demigods of this realm are chosen by a mysterious god they call the Nameless Immortal.

    These demigods, for the past two millennia, have been sealed in a dimension separated from the outside world by their god through the power of the Mist, in a manner similar to but far more powerful than the method used to render Camp Jupiter invisible to Camp Half-Blood, and vice versa. However, the boundaries between the outside world and the Kingdom have been destroyed, exposing an entirely alien civilization to the modern demigods.

    The convening demigods meet up with the champion of the Kingdom's people, a demigod child of the Nameless Immortal whose powers and fighting styles are completely different than those of the other demigods. After explaining the situation at hand (the Kingdom plans on attacking Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter, and then engaging in the conquest of the outside world), the five demigods strike out on an unofficial quest to locate whatever caused the barriers to go down and stop the imminent war before it occurs.

    Hope to see some interest really soon!​
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  2. I'd very much love to join. Not going to lie though my knowledge of the Percy Jackson universe is a bit rusty since its been a while since the last time I picked up the series. Hopefully nothing wiki can't fix ^^;
  3. Likely not. :)

    Most everything in this wiki can be covered by a brief lore section and visits to the wiki page to relearn certain things.
  4. I am totally interested!
  5. Love to have you! Any questions about the RP?
  6. I do not really have any questions, but I am curious to know what life is like within The Kingdom (ie technology, culture, etc).
  7. The Kingdom has evolved parallel to the outside world, but has not truly become like the outside world. Fossil fuels were never in abundant supply, forcing the development of steam and alternative electricity. In some ways, the Kingdom is more advanced: Far more eco-friendly, and significantly better-armed than the demigods of our world. Eternal Silver, the Kingdom's alternative to Celestial Bronze and Imperial Gold, is significantly different than Bronze or Gold, in that it can be produced as well as shaped. Abundant silver ore deposits in the area of the Kingdom allowed for the study of alchemical weaponry, which in turn led to the discovery that prayer to the Nameless Immortal gave the silver magical properties, namely the ability to harm monsters. This eventually morphed into an entire arms industry in which elite soldiers were armed with more powerful weapons, including long-range firearms (few units, save the Silver Shields, regularly use these weapons, and few civilian or spec ops demigods are granted the privilege to use them). As a result of this arms industry and the discipline of the Kingdom's military, each Kingdom soldier is, quality-wise, ahead of the Greeks or Romans. Fashion, while distinctly alien to normal people, has adapted as well, permitting shorter, form-fitting tunics for women and looser trousers and shirts for men However, devices such as cell phones and computers, and even substances like plastic, are foreign concepts to the Kingdom, which is barely entering the early stages of automotive transport and early telephones.

    Culturally, the Kingdom is incredibly diverse. Macedon's conquests spanned from Greece to Persia to Egypt, to even the borders of India, and it shows in the population. The majority of the population of the Kingdom (10,000 men and women, total) are legacies, the descendants of demigods, while a significant minority are full-blooded demigods. Most are claimed by the Nameless Immortal, though it is not unheard of for some to be claimed by other gods. Age is of no consequence in the Kingdom; the Silver Shields, the national police and elite military unit of the Kingdom, are mostly comprised of adults from ages 22-64. This is largely due to the small land mass of the Kingdom, which allowed for a more cohesive and organized defense of individual lives, allowing demigods to live to old age. The Kingdom's people worship the Greek and Roman pantheon under different, multicultural names, and even include some Egyptian and Persian gods, but place the Nameless Immortal (who, by any translation, has no name) above all.

    Demigod children of the Nameless Immortal have incredible gifts, namely involving heightened fitness and aura-manipulation (enhancing the abilities of others, influencing the emotions of others; this gives the illusion, or adds to the reality, of these demigods being extremely charismatic).

    Unlike in other cultures, where the sword is the most valued and popular weapon, warriors of the Kingdom who abstain from firearms (this is a vast majority, as the firearm is still seen as wasteful and unsporting) tend to wield spears, which in turn range from the humble dory to the mighty sarissa. Duels are held to settle matters of honor, and tend to be fantastic spectacles of spear or pike mastery. In fact, the Kingdom's military (which uses elite units of gun-wielding infantry as skirmishers and infiltrators) is infamous for its impenetrable pike lines.

    Any man or woman, no matter how low they are born, have the opportunity to rise high in society by entering the military or by learning a valued trade, typically carpentry or blacksmithing. However, only legacies born to two demigod parents (regarded as Purebloods) or demigods themselves may become a Companion, the highest honor possible for a warrior.
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  8. Definitely interested in playing a Percy Jackson RP. I actually had a fanfic idea in the past but never got the chance to write about it.
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