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  1. Hair is something almost everyone has to some degree, but what we do with it and how we like to wear and care for it can be very different from person to person! So share with me fellow members, what habits and style do you have with your hair, if any at all? This isn't strict to just the hair on your head either! (But really, I don't think we need to know if you shave your nuts :P)

    As for me, being a swimmer makes me feel less of a need to wash my hair and shave since I rarely get more than 24 hours without my hair being chlorinated again, and I'm used to waiting on meets to shave things up. I still try for every 2-3 days though to clean up! I like to wear my hear up too, be it a bun or a pony tail or a messy one hairband bun. Anything easy really, I'll be up for ^^
  2. I keep my hair cut very short, and neat. I'm not a fan of long hair... though I'd probably get an afro since it's curly.
  3. I think I'm one of the few people whose hair styles itself. It's short and kind of spikes forward and up, like it should. No gel necessary. Might comb it through after a shower, but other than that, all I need to do is to keep it short.
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  4. My hair is typically messy unless I wash it, I could let it be long and flowing or get an afro if I was like that (The one perk of being mixed between so many things), but no, I'd rather keep my hair short and messy.
  5. I'm growing my hair out and it's at that weird flippy phase at my shoulders. So, I just wear it up most of the time now. My hair is so fine that it never holds its shape, so no use in styling it any other way.
  6. I'm growing my mohawk out again. It's that warm weather kind of thing.
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  7. Mine is always short ever since I discovered that my thick heavy hair gives me headaches when it's long. Also, it's necessary that I keep cool all year long.

    I get it styled monthly into some kind of asymmetrical do, complete with bangs. The back is the shortest length of all so I can spike it with gel, if I want to. I have an assortment of bandanas that I fashion into headbands. :] I color it every couple months, usually red or burgundy.
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  8. I keep mine pretty short, when it gets longer, I usually gel it back until I get a hair cut, where it's shaved #2 at the sides and cut short at the top. I'm a very simple man.
  9. #TeamPixie

    Let my shit air dry first, light combing, re-wettening, mousse drop the size of two quarters, dab it through, blow dry upside down, then blow dry with a large then small round brush.

    Then that shit dies at around 5 hours into the day.
  10. I don't shower every day, but I try not to go more than a couple days without showering. My hair is super thick and poofs everywhere when it's not tied up, especially when it's just dried from a shower. I don't necessarily shampoo my hair every time I shower, either. My styling is a pony tail and a bobby pin, so not a lot of product in there. I shave any time there's enough stubble to do so; I like bein' all smoooooth and my shaving gel smells nice.
  11. It honestly depends on mood, and what I have available to style my hair... Also add in the factor of whether or not it is short or not because of a fresh haircut.

    Normally. I make sure it looks like this:
    Fresh Cut (open)

    Or at least similar to that. That's after a fresh cut with pomade.

    Sometimes, though, if it's longer and I use some pomade, it'll look like this:
    A bit longer (open)


    And other times, it'll just look likes this, and is the reason I get called Supie/Supy:

    Superman Hair (open)

    So like I said, it depends.
    (Also, I'm not a vain person, my ex just liked to have a bunch of selfies of me. Maybe cuz she knew I had horrible self esteem, I dunno. But at least it worked out for this post! :p)
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  12. Eyebrows!

    We're getting closer!
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  13. Don't mean to derail a thread, but why are you excited about eyebrows?

    Oh! And I have full eyebrows and looong eyelashes. I've gotten compliments about the lashes from a lot of girls, and they say they're jealous of them. So that's a thing as well.
  14. *Averts question*

    I get complements on my eyelashes too... Because they're long.
    I wonder... Are some guys better at naturally growing eyelashes than gals?
  15. I tend to cut my hair short, wait 6-8 months till it nears beach boy style, cut it short again, repeat.
    I like both styles, and doing it this way makes it so I don't need to bother with hair cut appointments that much anymore.

    The 6=8 month wait though get's quickened though on two conditions:

    1. My hair is entering the long stage and I'm starting a new placement.
    2. My hair got long enough that even showering and combing won't control it anymore.

    If I have plans to head out ahead of time I'll shower everyday before hand.
    But if I have no plans and/or a friend just barges in and has a surprise hangout I tend to go a few days with showering.
    When I do shower I tend to use shampoo/conditioner mix to speed up the showering process.
  16. A lot of men get compliments about their eyelashes, my brother and I included. It's kind of amusing, really.

    Anyway, hair. I have your typical medium length undercut, really. It's easier to keep that way and I look damned good in it too. But since my hair is really fine, with lots of thin strands and shit like that, I need products to fluff it up. I usually just use hairspray or clay, or whatever I can find in the bathroom cabinet, to just give it some volume and to sweep it back, so it's ridiculously easy to keep the style throughout the day.

    On the other hand, I sleep with products in it, so it backfires spectacularly in the mornings. Right now I look like a porcupine, or maybe the 10th Doctor if he had a fight with a giant hair-dryer.

    And the only thing I shave is my face. Blond stubble looks terrifying.
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  17. I forgot about eyebrows too O.O

    I have manbrows. I pluck them whenever they're overstepping their boundaries and/or looking a little unruly. My sister showed me how to trim them with a fine comb and manicure scissors. I just straight up tweeze but I heard some girls hold ice there first to numb the skin. I tried that and it did numb the skin but I got a headache from it. 4/10 would not do again.

    I have manhair on my arms, too. I bleach that.

    Actually my hair everywhere is pretty dark and plentiful >.< The only place that's nice is on top of my head and on my eyelashes, everywhere else it's just an issue of constantly buying fresh razor blades, bleach, and shaving cream >.<
  18. My hair's fairly long for a guy atm. Not had it cut since August. It's grown out surprisingly well considering that cut was done by my friend on the street, with a Swiss army knife, while we were in Vienna while travelling.
    Naturally super wavy, which unfortunately means both that forcing it to lie straight is a battle that can only be won for a few hours at a time, and that if I'm rushing out the door and just quickly towel dry my hair it goes into full-on cotton candy crazy mode. Sigh...
    Anyway here's me right now to demonstrate. This is after a quick towel-dry yesterday and then not having time to shower/brush hair/whatever this morning as I was running late for my train back home.

    EDIT: please forgive the horrific untended facial hair

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  19. I've got a lovely head of Cubano anti-gravity hair. It sticks up and in every direction when it isn't wet, it forms a kind of hair-brella when it is. There's not much that can be done with it at the length that I'm currently sporting it. When I get a haircut, I do little more than wash and comb it in the morning, maybe throw some curl activator in it if I'm feeling the need to make my waves pop out more. I'm pretty easy going when it comes to my hair.

    Ah, when it comes to eyebrows, my eyebrows are naturally on point for whatever reason.
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  20. Getting excited by the prospects at hand!
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