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  1. Halloo RolePlayers. My name is lozenge, or loz, or colin, or col. I prefer not be to capitalised (unless at the start of a sentence).
    I beseech you all to be gentle with me, i am extremely rusty at this, having not RPed since the internet was young, NUTS and ew-too telnet dungeons were all the rage (ask your parents), and IRC was some newfangled high-falootin' concept; and even then i was somewhat of a n00b paddling in the shallow end of the adult's pool. As for what i want, i don't really know. My previous experiences have all been of either the sword & scorcery or lasers & spaceships variety, and the nature of the software meant scenes were mostly of an ad hoc and real-time nature within a dungeonmaster's preset world, so the scape and nature of this site is a little overwhelming. I will almost certainly lurk (watch out behind you... no, not you, YOU) until i've got the hang of how things go down and know whether i'll be useful.
    I'll maybe edit and bump this later when i've got a better grip on this.
    Cheers, folks!

    (i'll also have to make one of them fancy signature doodads)
  2. Hi! Have some glitter guts.
  3. Colin! Welcome to Iwaku! I hope you enjoy your stay! ^o^
  4. Welcome! I hope you enjoy it here!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.