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  1. So I thought I'd reintroduce myself, I'm Kuroka I'm a lovable 18 year-old that is addicted to rp, gaming and anime and manga. Please take care of me again ^-^ ..
  2. Welcome back to Iwaku!

  3. Jae-ha is love. Jae-ha is life. c;
  4. Welcome back 'not a nut case'! :P
  6. I forgot not just my e-mail accounts, but my previous usernames too! So I had to re create like a fool. I hope this time, I can keep the same profile and not bother again :( - I gotta admit, this time I'd hate loosing this profile.

    Anyway, welcome back to the scene hope we can both meet some great RP partners. I can't quit text roleplay (-but I'm not really into gaming on the other hand. I'm a terrible gamer and that's the truth) It's my addiction. Do you guys have it like me or am I the only looney toon out there? :P

    See you all around
    Cheers =)
  7. Yay I'm not the only one!
  8. i didn't realize you were New as well Kuroka-chan however i will still see you as my senior.
  9. Im not technically new .. I've taken a few hiatus'
  10. or so your making your triumphant return
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.