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  1. Before we start, I have to say, I suck at introductions and this will end with nervous rambling xD
    I hope you guys don't bite, I'm delicate rofl. (no, not really, my friends beg to differ. STILL)
    You guys can call me Aet, or anything idk. I'm not an exact noob at roleplaying, to this site and all it's rules, maybe
    but I haven't roleplayed for a long period of time due to school. (I'm still hoping it burns down soon.)
    So I guess I'm kind of noob-ish now? I like reading books (ALOT, my friends will testify for my mini library xD )
    I watch a lot of movies too, especially recent ones. I don't know what else to say ._.

    I like sweets especially chocolate and pudding, lawl, kbai. //goes rots in a hole to die
  2. Welcome to the community aeterna! I <3 chocolate too! :3
  3. Hi!~ I love chocolate- literally can't live without it. I tried.
    Doc said no chocolate but well- I'm a rebel :D
  4. Welcome! *passes tasty Christmas fudge*
  5. Salutations Aet! ^o^ Welcome to us!