Hai .w.

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  1. Hi Iwaku people. My names Jenna. I'm new, and I'm with a clan that's going to be moving here soon. ^-^ I do lots of different kinds of Roleplaying, especially action, and I have multitudes if characters to use and too much free time.

    If you're ever bored, HMU for a good time. ;)

    (That was meant in a totally non-sexual way XD)
  2. Hey there, Jenna!
    Which clan is that, if I may inquire?
  3. Immortal Darkness. We're basically a group of role players from the same site that banded together. We're fun people. ^-^
  4. You'll have to let me know when the rest of you get here! :)
  5. Actually, we already have a site up if you'd like to meet us. :D

  6. Erm... I think the latest post I saw on there was about someone threatening suicide... You're gonna stop them, right? Please?
    (Unless it's a very dramatic roleplay. In that case, continue.)

    But other than that, I would certainly like to learn about your website, though I don't see any kind of explaination anywhere about what y'all do...

    Oh, and you don't have to specifically reply to my post - there's a box at the bottom of the screen that replies to the thread.

    Oh dear, this is getting a little negative... Want a cupcake?
  7. Just jump in XD Mike can get a little melodramatic at times, but he's cool. .w. and yes, I would love a cupcake.

    We're basically a clan-family thing, and we'e very welcoming of new members. XD If you would like to join we'd love to have you.
  8. In that case, I'm a little worried about Mike.

    And I think I'd like to meet you guys here before I make a huge commitment xP
    Any ideas on what you'd like to roleplay? Trust me, we've got a little bit of everything!
  9. May i join your site?
  10. He's good, he's got me XD And I like action RPs, and quest ones. .w. I have a few particular favorite characters which I use a lot. And There's no commitment. XD You can just come chat and get a feel for it.

    And yes, Oliver. You may join. .w.
  11. So how long does it take for the email to show up
  12. You're good to Join
  13. not from what i just saw im not
  14. *shakes my head* They... Just... Ugh.
  15. Hey if you want you can text me at 7606475143