Hai, I'm Willow. :3

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Hey all, I'm Willow-Sage. Willow or Sage, I don't really care. Hehe.

I'm rather new at roleplaying so I'm probably a bit shy. But I LOVE writing, anime/manga and singing. And am a complete yaoi fangirl. Hehe. ^//^

It'd be nice to meet some new people on here. Heh. It'd also be great if some maybe helped me out a bit???

Thanks. ^.^


Nice to meet you! This is quite a large site, but also very amazing, might I add! If what you are looking for is Yaoi stuff, we actually DO have a Yaoi fan group that is dedicated to ManxMan role plays. But you must be 16+. But, if that's not what tickles your fancy, we have some featured role plays that are up and running if you would like to take a look. One of the top of my head is Ossochanters Penumbra. I've taken a good look at it myself, and I love the idea of it.

But, if you are kind of tentative with the mechanics of role play, or as your skills as one, feel free to look at all the Iwaku Wikis that we have set up. They are vast in their information and pointers. Even some of the members' blogs have character insight, plot bunnies and such that will be sure to perk your interest.

If that all fails, do not be afraid to message a moderator or another member to help you out. Our aim as a community is to have FUN and to improve skills as a role player, a person, a writer, or whatever it is you want to be.

But, if Role play in general is a bit much for you, we have a general chatting section that has fun and games and general topics that don't belong anywhere else. The challenge/show case section has quite a myriad of different challenges to get those creative juices flowing while also getting your ming to -think.- The show case section is where you can show anything off that is artsy and get critiquing on it, or just plain ol' show it off. : 3

If for some reason, you just don't feel like posting in the darn forum, we have a chatroom! It is called the Cbox, and this is where everyone gets to talk in real time. You'll likely see me there if you hop in.

I hope this helps and that you have a wonderful time on the forum!
Hello there ^_^

My name is Tenchi-Roku, you may call me Roku or Tenchi, Doesn't matter to me :P. I hope you enjoy your humble stay with us here in Iwaku. There is a large amount of RPs you'd probably be interested in, but nothing too stressing(if you can call it stressing -_-) to the mind.
Hello there, Willow, and welcome to Iwaku.
We have lots of lovely people here and plenty of roleplays!
I'm Kitti, by the by, and it's nice to meet you.
Lots of people hang out in the CBOX, so it tends to be a great way to meet members here.

If you need help with anything specifically, I'd love to lend a hand, as would any of the other charming mods here.
You can locate us by our pretty colored names! Dark blue, like my name, purple, and red are all the colors of the staff here so feel free to search us out if you need help!
Yay! A new roleplayer! :D Welcome to Iwaku!
Hello willow :D Welcome to Iwaku
Nice to meet you ^^
some of my biggest interests are manga/anime, writing and singing :9
If you ever feel like discussing anime/manga feel free to PM ;)
Hello, Welcome to Iwaku!
If you need an ear to bother, I'm free as well.
You'll find many people here are willing to lend a hand.

If you want to meet a lot of us at once, there is, as Curiose and Kitti mentioned, the Cbox. It's a pretty active place most of the time, with a lot of the members coming in at different times. You'll likely see a lot of us there frequently.

If you want to jump right into some roleplays, there's the Roleplay Signups section with many different roleplays waiting for more characters, or the Jump In roleplay forum is a good place to go as well. If you're nervous about jumping into a group roleplay, you can also go to the OneXOne section. There's a request thread there where you can ask for a partner to roleplay with one on one. It's a good way to get used to the way roleplaying works.

I hope you enjoy your time here at Iwaku. It's a very lively place with lots of great people to create with.