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  1. ***UPDATED***

    Hi all,
    Welcome to Hades!
    So I'd like to post some ideas and hopefully find partners to RP them :)

    Plot 1 - Gotham - A city with no heroes
    This will be set in Gotham City, but there's no Batman, Bruce's parents never got murdered, they are old now and Bruce runs Wayne Corp and is not even a major NPC in this story. With no batman Gotham's crime is insanely high.
    My OC will be a normal man going crazy violent vigilante, sorta like Casey Jones... I want someone to play an OC - heavily inspired by Harley Quinn, she'll be a total nut job, she first falls in love with the Joker and stuff, then realizes he's a jerk and ends up fighting crime with my OC. The origin and story of our chars will be connected and we will RP that part as well. I'd really want for our chars to have all sorts of kinky and insane sex in awkward situations, as they are both sorta mentally unstable and violent, despite of that i don't want to disregard the plot. I was thinking this could be an origin story for some villains as well, for example, Harley was in Uni studying to be a shrink, her room mate was CatWoman, yet just Selina Kyle, the biology teacher at Uni would become Poison Ivy, another teacher, the mad scientist king would be Mr. Freeze, The Riddler could be a shy introvert kid genius, Penguin was just regular mob boss... just ideas all is up for your consideration.

    Random plots - This are plots that can either be pure smut sex scenes or develop into something more:
    OC (me) x She-Hulk (I don't mind playing a Marvel char either)
    OC (me) x Mystique (I'd be a new mutant being recruited by the brotherhood)

    OC (me) x Femdom female (or shemale/futa)

    Kinks I want to engage:
    I can be dom or sub, but I'd say 99% of female RPiers are sub and I need to indulge my sub needs so I am looking for dominant female

    I am game for pretty much anything besides scat.
    I want kinky stuff, fetish, humiliation, torture, cbt...

    I am game for supernatural creatures and furry.

    Really looking to including some NPCs and engage into cuckold scenarios and possibly forced bi.
    Also open to have more than one mistress torturing me (one x one RP in which you play 2 mistresses, or 3 way RP)

    I want someone with a twisted, dirty and kinky imagination who will traumatize me XD
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  2. I will do plot 2 with you ^-^
  3. Update
    Plot 1 is taken, but still discussing the Heavenly inspired in Harley Quinn OC, willing to do it with someone if the Harley OCs are different enough so PM me if interested

    Plot 2 taken twice (thank you so much to my partners, this is gonna be so epically awesome XD), playing it in 2 100% different ways, so, since this one still needs tons of plotting you're welcome to PM me with more ideas, if I get different enough ideas I may consider more partners :)

    Also, upon much consideration, decided that if anyone wants the BBW one (already have an amazing partner for that, but PMs with ideas are always welcome) I don't want her to be bald or handicapped on a wheel chair, so we can mix things, but not those things.

    Cheers to you all!
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  4. OC (me) x Femdom cuckoldress mistress <~interested
  5. sent PM about it ;)
  6. Just to be clear on the RPs:
    OC (me) x Femdom cuckoldress mistress
    OC (me) x Femdom cuckoldress mistress who enjoys forced bi

    I intend for my OC to be the cuckold and not the bull, the bull shall be an NPC played primarily by you, but I may control a bit as well, since it's an NPC
  7. Still have free plots people :)
  8. updated :)
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