Haaaave you met Jen?

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  1. My name is Jen but I have been called may things, Jellybean has been added to the list of nicknames that has crossed my path. Names shouldn't be forced so call me what you will. I am a human of the female gender 28 with the mentally of a child at times. I am not new to roleplaying although I am completely new here and its actually a little overwhelming (but exciting) since most of a my groups have moved on, I would like to bring in some of my older characters that have a backstory worked out and start them in new worlds, new storylines. I am looking forward to starting new characters as well and getting back to my writing. I do work a fulltime job that does take up some of my time but I promise to post at least once a week more on my days off.
    Thanks for letting me join
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  2. Hihi Jen, welcome to the community! :D
  3. If they let a slobbering beast like me stay, you're guaranteed to find a place here!

    Welcome and all that! What kinds of games do you usually play? I myself am working on one and trying to find something newish that appeals to my sensibilities.

    Hope you enjoy it here, the people are nice and so far there haven't been any massive uprisings against the Admins. Must be their superior baking skillz.
  4. So far i have only played open Roleplays with no set plots or storylines, open forums that allowed all manner of things. I am looking to get involved in modern storylines as well as fantasy Sci-Fi. I love all types and forms or writing.
  5. Erm, are you into survival horror? I'm running a horror-themed RP event. Lots 'o people involved!
  6. That sounds extremely interesting! i have to say i have NEVER played a survival horror game but I would love to check it out, Even if its playing a character that dies quickly just to get back into it
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  7. Hello! You seem like you will fit in just fine here.