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  1. Welcome to Heather-field Academy with Tutoring Elite!

    This famed school is located on Island Delta Iota Of Thera, a place also known as I.D.I.O.T.
    Here students will be ranked out of the 1000 students attending the school.
    This ranking has created a deadly hierarchy, which has been unbroken for many decades.
    Now a group of new students arriving on a boat are about to embrace it.
    How will you survive as one of those new students?

    The OOC thread is located here > http://www.iwakuroleplay.com/showthread.php?t=16915
    Sign ups are now CLOSED. Including for people who reserved a place, but haven't posted a character over the past month. The only exception to this is [MENTION=2340]Severusx[/MENTION].
    The characters are:
    Brianna, played by [MENTION=1422]Jyazzebella[/MENTION]
    Renardo, played by [MENTION=2569]jad1942[/MENTION]
    Rima, played by [MENTION=3336]RedWinter[/MENTION]
    Eric, played [MENTION=1567]Kaine[/MENTION]
    Aurora, played by [MENTION=219]PattyPixie[/MENTION]
    Albert, played by [MENTION=1567]Kaine[/MENTION]
    Kyysucara, played by [MENTION=3180]Kyysucara Namosaka[/MENTION]
    Leona, played by [MENTION=3469]Sweetestdiva14[/MENTION]
    UNKNOWN, played by [MENTION=2340]Severusx[/MENTION]
    And various people, played by ME! (Because I need to play several higher ups to direct the plot, as GM)
    I am sorry for the long delays, I've quoted all your names to inform you we are FINALLY starting.
    You've read how everything works IC, and the only rules are be sensible. Sensible as in no excessive swearing (a bits ok though), no super gory violence (again, a bit's ok though), and absolutely NO SEX SCENES OR OTHER MATURE SCENES (if you want that stuff, do it by PM, or make a spin off thread in the MATURE section).
    Lastly, you are all going to start on a small ferry, taking all of the newbies to H.A.T.E., which is just entering the I.D.I.O.T. docks. It is a Monday but instead of lessons you have an introduction day, plus you need to remember your luggage (or not if you're forgetful). So, um, yeah...let's begin.

    "Here comes fresh meat!" Naomi Kendal screeched as the newbies arrived at Iota harbor. Naomi was the sporting champion of the Kendal triplets, and ranked 50 overall.
    "I can't believe we're stuck with the job of introducing them," Katie Kendal moaned, since Naoki had dragged her into this job. Katie was known as the genius of the triplets, ranked at 49.
    "There might be some cute guys to play with though..." Victoria Kendal soothed, always looking for a hot guy to mess with. Victoria's was the beauty of the three, and she ranked 48.
    Together these three were the Kendal triplets, an unstoppable trio. For a lot of cash and some extra ranking points, these three had accepted the job of helping settle in the new students during the first week of school. The three girls were- as usual- bickering while the boat of newbies came towards them.

    From a distant window the school's 'king'- Sebastian Lopez- observed the scene. The school's number one chuckled at the three's antics, commenting, "Strange you put those three rich-peasants in charge of what could be a vital job." The cold school head mistress- Ms. Avangelion- showed no emotion as usual. Instead she quietly replied, "Trust me for once, naive king."

    The only returning student on the incoming boat was Nicholas Harrods, the school council president. He was ranked 21, and as student council president had to keep the new students on the boat vaguely organized. Nicholas, however, was in a foul mood with Sebastian who had introduced this rule, so he was taking an ice nap instead.
  2. Eric Lowell, 3rd year student and right hand of the King, was, as he often is, busy indulging one of his guilty pleasures. With the relative emptiness of the Academy and the near-limitless leeway being ranked 2nd in H.A.T.E. afforded, he stood at the conductor's podium in the main auditorium, dressed in black slacks and a crimson dress coat adorned with ornate golden designs and a black cravat, and the sound systems he had long ago learned to work ready to play. As the first sounds of a grand orchestra began to materialize from the speakers around him, Eric began to move his hands as a conductor would, willing the music onward, and soon he was fully conducting the prerecorded track. Should anyone walk in now they would see either a man lost in his music, or possibly just a lunatic. It was fortunate that the auditorium was well-sound-proofed, or someone would be coming to check what that marrow-shaking noise was.


    Albert Johnson, a new student at H.A.T.E., was quite nervous as the ferry moved along to what he could only imagine to be the physical manifestation of Hell. He had heard enough horror stories about this place to make him try and convince his parents that school abroad was in fact completely affordable and very culturally enriching. Perhaps he would have to do with one less kidney, but by the gods it had to be better than the alternative! Convinced he was overreacting and that it couldn't be as bad as he thought it was, his parents disregarded this notion. Soon Albert would learn for himself whether the rumors were all hype, completely true, or, gods forbid, the sugar-coated version.
  3. Brianna sat quietly, her eyes evaluating other new students. She had heard the rumors of the ranking system, and she was not one to lose power so she would play the game. She was dressed in dark blue skinny jeans, that were mid rise, and nicely complemented her figure. Along with a blue collared top, the top three buttons undone revealing minor cleavage, but still an invitation for those looking. Her long brown hair fell past her shoulders, straightened and shined, offering a polished look over all. She stood, her suit case, filled with various neccesities, in her hand. Her finger nails were had a glossy coat, and were tipped with white paint, a small design on both of her ring fingers. She brushed a strand of hair behind her ear, and tilted her head slightly, staring out to the approaching dock. There she saw a few figures waiting. The welcoming party. There were others on the boat with her, other incoming freshman, though up until this point she had paid no heed to them.
  4. ((OOC: I swear I'll be writing less as this moves on. This is just to get the plot properly started))

    The headmistress left the observatory with out a word to Sebastian. She was heading towards the main auditorium, so she could prepare it for a speech later. Never one to be disorganized, the headmistress hurried there- even though she would be almost an hour early. As she approached the auditorium doors, her high heels clicking rapidly, the headmistress swore she could see the auditorium doors shaking.

    As soon as his one superior within this school was gone, the king had his binoculars out. In his opinion the Kendal sisters were three idiots who simply waste his time, which was why Sebastian was so mad they were getting the first information on the newbies. For the first year in a long, long while, the king had commanded the school council president to be on the boat with the newbies- the pretense was that it was to calm the newbies, but really it was to gather information. Alas, one glance with through the binoculars confirmed the kings fears, Nicholas was ignoring his duties again. Infuriated that he, the king, had to do this work himself, Sebastian swore he'd set his left hand woman on Nicholas later. But soon the spying began to amuse, seeing students quaking in fear, and a few pretty girls. There was one in particular that caught his eye- Sebastian immediately decided he'd make her his toy.

    Nicholas abruptly awoke from his nap when the boat hit a rock coming into the docks. Trying to stifle a yelp, Nicholas hurriedly prepared him self for the disembarkment of the ship. With the Kendal triplets in charge who knew what would happen.

    "Hey boys, look over here!" called out to the boys on the boat, with her voice of honey. Victoria Kendal had stripped down to a revealing bikini, and despite the obvious dangers, she dived into the sea. She frolicked about in the water for a bit, blowing kisses and doing hand stands. A crowd of freshman formed on the boat to watch her silly little display. Meanwhile, Katie Kendal was handing over some spherical objects to Naomi, which looked like foot balls. "Be careful, if you land one of these too close to somebody they could get serious injuries," Katie warned, knowing Naomi wouldn't heed it anyway. "Is that such a bad thing? Maybe I should aim for Vicky instead..." Naomi Kendal joked, having to force a laugh to show she was joking when Katie's face went pale. Naomi carefully placed one of the ball like objects onto the floor, then kicked it towards the boat. There was a lot of empty space on the boat, since the crowd was at the side of the boat watching Victoria. The ball landed in one of the empty spaces, and upon impact it exploded with...pencils. "Sorry, my resources were low..." Katie confessed, as Naomi kicked a few more at the boat. Each ball exploded with different random objects, from sherbet to shoe laces. The crowd lost its attention in Victoria, much to her displeasure, and were more interested in the explosions. The other two triplets hadn't revealed this part of the plan to her, and Victoria refused to lose to pencils. "Oh how I wish some random boy from that boat would come and kiss me..." Victoria muttered as load as she could, undoing her bikini bra hook. "How subtle," Naomi commented sarcastically, ​while Katie let out a large sigh.
  5. Her eyes turned towards the girl frolicking in the sea, her eyes narrowed. She ran her hand through her hair, and was about to turn away, when things started exploding on the boat. She jumped after the first one, and then laughed, warily, trying to make it seem as though it hadn't started her. The rest began exploding with odd things, that she didn't neccesarily need. Her displeasure grew when a sherbet filled one landed to her, and she moved just in time to avoid getting covered. her head turned again one the girl in the water, getting friskier as she went, asked for a boy to kiss her. She rolled her eyes, what nonsense.
  6. Renardo stood looking out onto the water, his mind had begun to wander aimlessly. Ren could feel the rhythm of the waves lapping against the sides of the vessel. "I wonder if this place is really going to live up to the hype, maybe I'll be able to scrape by." Suddenly a feminine figure caught his attention, "What the-", he turned to walk closer. Suddenly an explosion of pencils pelted Ren. One pencil managed to fly straight enough that it pierced Renardo's leg. Renardo looked down at the pencil sticking out of his leg. "Well, this is problematic," then the pain shot to his brain, "time to find something to help." Apparently the pencils were not the only things exploding onto the ship, shoe laces and some strange multi-colored slime also lay strewn about the deck. Renardo shuffle-dragged his way over to a small collection of shoe laces. He painfully bent over and began to tie the laces around his leg. "This should help to keep me from making a bloody mess, or ruining my pants."
  7. Nicholas almost had a heart attack when the first explosion happened. Sure, he'd been expecting the Kendal triplets to act like morons, but this was out of order. Victoria was revealing far too much skin for his liking, while the strange bombs Katie had designed were being used by Naomi to cause some serious havoc. Nicholas glanced around, trying to see if there was anybody hurt. Eventually he saw boy with a pencil sticking out of his leg, which had been bandaged with shoe laces. Reaching for the emergency first aid kit under his chair, Nicholas dragged himself and the first aid kit over to the boy. "Here, have this," Nicholas mumbled, dropping the first aid kit by the injured boy. Then, Nicholas dragged himself back to his chair. That was the extent of what Nicholas could be bothered to do, knowing any further attempts to help would be sabotaged by one of the idiots going to this school. It was as if he'd been elected school council president as punishment, since everybody knew how he despised organizing things in this mess of a school.

    The king had been momentarily distracted by his chosen toy and Victoria, when suddenly there was an explosion of pencils. "Damn it..." Sebastian seethed, as he watched the Kendal triplets stupid prank unfold. He knew the only reason those girls ranked so high was because of their silly ideas, and he knew it was pointless trying to change that. But was the sherbet and bikini really necessary... he wondered. Sebastian had had enough of those triplets, and was going to personally demonstrate to the newbies how people like that were punished. Grabbing a nearby sheet, Sebastian opened the window and leaped out. Using the sheet as a parachute, he floated towards a nearby tree. When he reached the tree, he gracefully landed in it, then continued to climb down. When Sebastian was finally on the ground Sebastian began to stroll towards the girls.

    "Uh-oh, here comes trouble..." Katie noted, not keen to get on Sebastian's bad side.
    "Time to escape then!" Naomi exclaimed, pulling the reluctant Katie towards the sea.
    "Well boys, it looks like i'll have to come to you to escape a grim fate," Victoria called out, catching sight of Katie and Naomi running to the sea to escape Sebastian.

    While all of the madness on the boat continued, Ms. Avangelion was starting to open the door to the main auditorium, only to be greeted with the booming of an imaginary orchestra.
  8. Albert had happened to be on the side of the boat where the scantily-clad woman had started showing off, and had, admittedly, been enjoying the view. At first, at the very least. It took mere moments for nearly everyone with a Y chromosome to crowd around, one of whom rudely shoved Albert aside to get a better look. "Hey, watch where you're-" And then everything started to explode into pencils and sherbet. With little alternative, Albert decided to just keep his head down and try not to be either pelted or trampled.


    Eric had begun conducting madly as the music neared the climax, putting his fully body into the motions now and sending his brown and gold hair, which he had in a fishtail braid for the day, whipping around him. He twisted to his right and raised both arms dramatically into the air as if to call upon the thunder of Zeus as the brass section neared the peak of its last crescendo; he whipped his arms around as if in frenzy when the strings entered an accelerando, and as the choir gave a final two-octave note at fortissimo he slowly raise both arms to the air, giving one final flourish as the music came to an end. He let his arms drop and took a step back to catch himself, exhausted after such an animated performance to a non-existent audience. Quickly checking the condition of his braided hair, a tad messier but no worse for wear, he turned to see the Headmistress standing in the door. "Ah, Headmistress, I, ahem, what a surprise! Just, erm, just how long may you have been standing there?" Well this had just become terribly awkward.
  9. ((OOC: I'll post less now! Sorry for my previous extravagance. Also, Im on my phone right now, so ill add colour later))Ms. Avangelion would have been too stunned to reply, if she hadnt been headmistress of this school for over thirty years. "Long enough, Eric. What exactly was that?" she inquired, unsure of what his musical performance was. With a stern face she tapped her heel, waiting for an answer.Else where, the Kendal triplets had boarded the boat, just as it came ashore. Sebastian waited on shore for them, while Nicholas snored once more.
  10. Straightening his cravat, Eric replied "Just a little self-indulgence, nothing more." He had regained his composure now that the initial shock had worn off. He unplugged his phone from sound systems and started down the aisles to leave, which would take him through the same door the Headmistress was standing in. "I am certain you'll find nothing of significance amiss with anything in the auditorium, although the sound may be higher than normal."

    ((OoC: Personally I was just fine with the longer posts. But do as suits you.))
  11. Bri watched as the three girls boarded the boat that was now docking. Her eyes shifted to the figure standing on the dock, awaiting their arrival. She grabbed her bag and gained her compuser before heading to the unloading part of the ferry. Her shoes tapped lightly as she walked down the ramp and onto the dock. Brianna thought of who the male could be, though she recognized him as omeone of importance. She made a mental check to tie herself in close with him. She knew the ranking system of the school was true, and she would have to be a social climber if she ever hoped to make it through the next four unscathed for the most part. She was ready for the challenge, though the rest on the boat she doubted.
  12. Leona was not in the mood to socialize. She really just wanted to go to bed. First she sees slutty girls on the dock. She just knew that they were going to get along. And then an explosion of pencils have her Shish Kabobed. Just. Great. And she had worn one of her favorite outfits. A white and black off-the-shoulder blouse with a pair of white skinny jeans and black stilettos. Now it was polka-dotted with pencil marks. She wanted to make a good impression with her new classmates, but they were making her regret that decision more and more. And her feet were paying the price for it.

    She was ecstatic when they reached the dock. She wouldn't admit that to anyone on the boat, but she was getting a serious case of sea sickness. After seeing that no one was there to collect there luggage she sighed and thanked her lucky stars that she only packed two duffel bags. After grabbing them, she dodged her way through all of the students and climbed off the boat, rejoicing at the reunion with her and dry land. She looked around and saw the chaos unfolding around her. What the hell did I get myself into? She decided to actually take a look at her new classmates and raised an eyebrow. They looked normal enough. And some of the guys were actually kind of cute. But she'd learned good and well that she shouldn't judge a book by it's cover. She stood there awkwardly and waited for someone to tell her what to do or where to go.

    She was hoping that they would show them there dorm rooms first before they went to any kind of orientation. If her feet could talk....
  13. "I'm sure the king would be interested in your...self indulgence. Now leave!" Ms.Avangelion scolded, as she paced around the auditorium. She began to set the sound settings to her preferences while she waited for Eric to leave.Back at the docks the king strutted aboard the boat. When he passed Brianna he whipped a rose into her hand, to fast for the casual observer to see. Sebastian approached the Kendal sisters, then addressed the whole crowd, "I will be supervising the introductions from these three ladies, as the schools number one. Do not fear, as these girls WON'T be causing anymore harm, and shall be punished for their pranks later."The Kendal triplets hid their gulps of displeasure under silly giggling. They were in deep shit, and they knew it. Girls of such pride will always keep their composure though. On with the show then..." Katie announced, as Victoria reclothed. Naomi was busy dragging the lazy Nicholas off the ship- he too was in trouble.
  14. With that little incident out of his way, Eric decide he should get a look at the newest batch of first-years he'd be tormenting. He wasn't in such a hurry as the King may have been in such a situation, as he really didn't care about being the first or even among the first to find out about the new meat. That said, the first day was terribly convenient in that regard, as they were all in one spot for most of the day.


    Albert was grateful that the madness aboard the boat had ended, but he was still very nervous of what lie ahead. If that was what they could do for the boat ride, what might they be able to do in the school itself? He resolved to keep his luggage as close as possible until he reached the relative safety of the dorms.
  15. Kyysucara grabbed his bags and got off the boat. He looks around and yawns. "So much work." He walks up to Leona. "Hi there. You new too?"
  16. It made her a little bit happier that the guy was gonna keep the girls under control. It would make her life a whole lot easier. She found it weird that the guy was her age, disciplining other people his age. She shrugged it off and thought that she would learn more about it later. She moved out of the way to let the other people off the boat. She decided to sit on one of the benches to give her feet a break. She finally decided to just switch out her shoes. She rook off the heels and could see blisters starting to show up on the side of her feet. She zipped open her duffel and switched out her heels for a pair of black and white vans. They looked even better with the outfit than those heels ever would.

    She heard someone say hi and had to look up to make sure that it was for her. The guy was looking at her so that answered that. He was normal enough. "Um, yea. You are too?"
  17. Kyysucara nods. "Ya. Any idea where we are going?"
  18. She shrugged her shoulders and replied, "No idea at all. Just hope that we're going to our dorms first," she says with a small grin.
  19. "Agreed. I'm exhausted." He smiles back.
  20. Ren saw someone walking towards him and braced for impact from the unknown. As the medical kit dropped in front of him he gingerly opened it up and examined the contents. He heard the person mumble something but didn't bother to pay attention. The bandages looked to be very old and out of date. The shoelaces did little to stop the blood, in haste Ren nudged the pencil slightly. The pain made him squirm but inside he was screaming. He applied a simple bandage and anti-septic ointment around the pencil and took a pain relief tablet. He intended find the nurse much less some kind of medical staff as soon as humanly possible to remove the pencil impaled in his calf.

    Ren stood up carefuly and slung his bag over his shoulder onto his back. With his good leg he kicked the med-kit under a chair. As people began to gather and talk about the chaotic events someone stood up and began to address the crowd. "Now what?"