GxG Partner Request?

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  1. Okay, so basically what I'm looking for is someone who's willing to make lesbian smut happen. Preferably with actual use of spellcheck and just proper grammar? I have no idea, bruh. I'm pretty much willing to RP any plot, excepting anything that has to do with rape or depression and the subsequent results of it (i.e. self-harm). If you have any questions, I'll be happy to answer them on here :)
  2. Ooooooo!

    I'd love to RP lesbian smut with you! I never got the chance to actually RP it since all of my FxF RPs died before they ever got to the good parts ;~;
  3. Aw, man, that sucks!
    I'm kind of in a Steampunk!AU mood at the moment, what do you think? Feel free to suggest something else~
  4. Sure! You might have to explain the whole Steampunk thing to me. It'd be my first time RPing that as well. ^^"
  5. Haha, that's okay!

    Steampunk is usually set in Victorian England (or some country) during an Industrial Revolution and everything is powered by steam :)
  6. Sounds interesting and simple enough to roleplay. I like it!

    Any specific plot you had in mind....?
  7. I was thinking something along maybe the lines of mayhem, murder, and the occasional mixing-in of smut? I don't know. It'd be mostly plot-driven, but the sex would be a part of it? :T I have no idea how to explain what I'm thinking TT^TT