PROMPT Guns and Gun Fights

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  1. Depending on what sort of roleplay genre and you're going for, you can sure as hell bet that GUNS are going to come in to play at some point. You should already be aware of how to control objects within a scene, but gun fights often have some special mechanics of their own.

    Things to consider:

    • Guns need to be RELOADED. Your average six-shooter has six bullets. Some guns have up to 30 rounds or more. Some guns use bullets that have to be loaded individually and some guns have clips or magazines. Know what kind of gun your character is using, so when you're shooting down bad guys, you know when your character has to pause and reload.
    • Ammunition isn't limitless! A character is only going to be able to carry so much on them, even if they are a super awesome soldier.
    • Again, know your gun! Distance a gun can fire, how it tears the body, ways you need to hold and shoot. A hand pistol is different from a shotgun, which is different from a machine gun!
    • Is this gun AVAILABLE to your character? Are they able to purchase and own it legally? Do they have it because they are a cop or a soldier? If they were caught with that gun, would they go to jail?
    • In sci-fi plots, you have the ability to get CREATIVE with the way a gun works! But the above things still apply. A single gun isn't likely to have limitless fires, even if it's laser powered. Does your gun need recharging? New ammunition? What is the damage it does to the body when it hits? Is it a civilian or military weapon? Black market?
    • When you get shot it's going to HURT. Even if you're a turbo badass. Make sure you take the hit and try to reflect how it's affecting your character, be it through pain, bloodless, loss of function because of the wound, etc.
    • How does your character feel about using guns? Do they have problems with it? Are they used to it because of their job? Have they ever shot a gun before? Have they ever shot some ONE?

    In this exercise, you're keeping in mind how to accurately depict using a gun along with how your character handles using the weapon!

    Write a quick gun fight scene between your character and someone else of your choosing. Try to hit on some of the points here in this exercise as your describe the fight!
  2. The attack helicopter assumed horizonal position, the left side now looking towards the glass panels of the 106th storey of the building that the team was targeting. "Rogers, get to the fifty cal and shoot at those damn tangos!" the captain could be heard from the cockpit. The soldier, having been waiting silently the entire time, jumped off his seat and hopped into the gunner position. In front of him was the amazing General Electrics Rotary 13 mm Cannon, simply known as "the big minigun" to the average soldier. This beast was placed here to do serious business. Wiping out a large team of terrorists, armed to the bone with heavy caliber weaponry and armour was not a simple task. The captain's voice was heard again: "Alright Rogers, you are weapons free. Light them up!"

    You got it, he said to himself. And with the simple push of the two trigger buttons, the gun begun spinning. Just a second later, the first bullet was fired. And a hail of others followed. Bullet after bullet, cantridges being ejected back to back, and the terrifying, beastly sound of a cannon capable of firing three thousand bullets per minute, belt fed and capable of sustaining fire for over three minutes, counting a total of twenty thousand projectiles ready to kill, destroy, turn matter to dust. Limbs, guts, bones, all were splitting apart as the bullets penetrated glass and human bodies at once, without separating the living and the unliving, without sparing mercy to the men that were locked inside the building and were about to go on a killing spree.

    Twenty seconds later, the firing was over. "What the hell happened?" he asked his superior.

    "The gun overheated! Standby for cooldown." the captain replied. Unfortunately, this part was the most horrifying of all. Because these few seconds that the massive gun was dead, Rogers was completely prone to counter attacks. And so did they follow. Some survivor of the gunfire that miraculously escaped the bulletstorm pointed an AK-47 towards the heli, and fired a cluster of bullets. He sprayed an entire magazine. And he hit the man on the gun, Rogers, at the shoulderpads. "Jesus Chrsit Rogers get down!" But the notice arrived too late, as Rogers had already suffered major wounds. The bleeding was intense, so was the pain. The pain! He could not stand that feel... the feel of blood running loosely... he was dying. And he was dying fast enough.

    "Alright, the gun's ready, go give them hell!". The blood rage was now soaking through his brain. He didn't wait for any longer. He grabbed the gun, and unforgivingly pushed the killswitch once again. He focused the man that shot him, leading bullet after bullet into his humane body. Giving him much more pain than he could ever imagine, and Rogers could feel every single bit of the terrorist's agony as the projectiles were tearing through his body, splitting him apart, popping out his ribs as his veins sprinkled blood all over the room. Meat lumps started flying off in the air, as the amazing power of the gun was kicking through his body. Seconds later, there was nothing more remaining of the man than a gruesome pile of bloody human remnants.

    "Good job, soldier." The captain said. "We can retreat now. The threat has been neutralized." The helicopter swinged over, and turned towards the horizon, at the other side of the sky as television choppers were now gathering around the scene. "Let's get you to the hospital, mate."
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