Gundam Meister Vance Xentan Reporting in!

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  1. Hello everyone I'm a roleplayer whom has been playing for over five to six years now and have been in multiple roleplays including rather large ones. I'm a huge anime fan, especially gundam as you could have guessed, and I am also member of the roleplaying Guild and RPA as well. I'm rather blunt and to the point and I enjoy a well made, well thought out, roleplay with interesting characters rather than jumping into something and I have a personal distaste for cardboard cut out characters that tend to be present in some roleplays. I am an advocate of quality posts WITH length. Meaning that as a GM I tend to look for how good your character is as well as how long his or or her history is.

    On another note I am a very diligent and hard working poster meaning I don't like to post unless I myself turn out something good. I also don't tend to leave roleplays without telling some first. Regardless I look forward to roleplaying here.
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  2. Well hello there Vance, welcome to the community! :D
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  3. Thank you. I hope to be a good member of this community as I was on RPG but unfortunately it seems I don't have enough 'privilege' to make my own roleplays so I'm a bit unsure about what to do as a starting spot. I was hoping to transfer a bleach roleplay I was making into Iwaku but it seems that I can't at the moment. Regardless I'll see about joining other roleplays.

    Edit: I was looking in the wrong section ignore the above post.
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  4. Hey! Good to see you.
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  5. Hello to you too Dervish.
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  6. Heya Vance I see you too joined in the migration
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  7. Good Lord, it was a migration, wasn't it?

    Seems like I missed the migration and got dragged in at the last minute.


    Also, welcome to Iwaku. It's awesome.
  8. hello to both of you. In case neither of you knew however based Mahz is repairing RPG at the moment.
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  9. Lol okay.

    I think I'm here to stay.

    I haven't felt like RPing this much since I came to this site.

    I think the lack of spam and the crisp, clean, fresh smell of something new has got me hooked atm.
  10. All the more power to you mate. I didn't say I was leaving this site. I just got here. Of course I wont be exclusive to this site though unless rpg does go down the gutter.
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  11. which, hopefully it won't.

    Lots of people have fond memories of RPG
  12. I have em too, but also some less fine memories. But as they say always take the good and the bad together.
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  13. I can toast to that.