Gun for hire (Im a bit rusty)

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  1. He walked forward scratching his head the look on his face looked like he just woke up. Young man stood before you yawning his eyes a dark red hair short and black. His body "Well this is rather unexpected so what can I do for you, you ask?" He smirks as he pulls a cigarette from behind his ear and reaches in his pocket pulling out a lighter. He lights the cigarette and quickly pockets the lighter followed by him taking a drag and blowing out smoke. "Lets just say no matter what the job is it will get done.

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  2. A young woman walks to you and smirks, taking the cigarette from your fingers and taking a drag, winking at you "welcome to the madness" she says walking off into the dark.
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  3. Whispers in the dark corner of the room while petting her Oversized Tiger.. Fu fu ~

    Welcome to the other side of the Fence xD. Please enjoy your stay and be aware. Nothing is what it seems in here.>:)

    - giggles munching her Oreo biscuit-
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  4. Welcome to the madness :3
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  5. He puts his hands into his pockets with a huge grin across his face," Sounds like im gonna like this place." He steps forward and pulls out a card from his pocket. "My card."
  6. As he watched her leave a small grin came across his face."Well looks like im gonna like this place." He place his cigarette in his mouth and walked in the other direction and just waved saying goodbye to the mystery girl for now.
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  7. *Bows* Why thank you milday.
  8. *Wags a finger* Ciggies are bad for you! But welcome to the community! <3
  9. *He takes along drag from his cigarette then puts it out and he blew out the smoke* My deepest apologies miss I didn't mean to cause any harm. *He bows before her*
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