Gun Fight

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  1. Sooner or later you will be in a gun fight in a modern based RP story. When this happens you will need to know how to yank out the gun, pull the hammer, switch the safety off and fire the gun!

    Tip: Make sure its loaded O_o

    Be it a bank robbery, you the robber, or a cop inside shooting down the robbers, at any given moment your job is compromised in some way and you must shoot the perp or cop and get away safely. In some way there is a moment when you must do this, can you handle this moment? Well i'd like to see that happen.

    The Scene: Up to you mainly, but if you wish for a given scene try a drug trade, you are a undercover cop. The dealer is suspicious, now suddenly he recognizes your a cop, you must immediately put him down in some way with your handgun, can you bring yourself to maim or kill the man in order to save yourself and do your job?