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Guilty Pleasure Movies

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Kitti, Apr 18, 2011.

  1. I want to know what your favorite guilty pleasure is as far as movies go. >D
    I'm not a huge romantic comedy, etc. kind of person as some of you may know. I think that they're all pretty much the same story with different people over and over again with sometimes some funny parts.
    However, my chickflick movie supreme is one that elicits a groan from those silly romantic comedy junkies.
    Yes. I, Kitti, am in love with Pride and Prejudice.

    There, I've said it. I came clean.
    What about you?
    What's your guilty pleasure in movie form?
  2. Re: GIRLS (and guys?)

    Probably erm... The Proposal. Uhuh, I know.
  3. Re: GIRLS (and guys?)

    I knew you were a Pride and Prejudice kind-of girl.

    My guilty-pleasure movie would have to be... ...



    I dunno. All the movies I like are good ones.

    The Big Lebowski, maybe? But that's not a guilty pleasure movie...


    I like musicals. A lot.

    The Best Little Whore House in Texas
  4. Re: GIRLS (and guys?)

    Does Terminator 2 count as a chickflick? I mean, the lead is a chick.
  5. Re: GIRLS (and guys?)


    I can't help myself! It's terrible, hilarious, had potential and failed miserably!
  6. Re: GIRLS (and guys?)

    Late 70s and early 80s 'B' horror movies.

    Bad plot, bad acting, bad effects...but Soooooo entertaining.
  7. Re: GIRLS (and guys?)

  8. Re: GIRLS (and guys?)

    70's & 80's kung fu flicks, some of them are really good though.
  9. Re: GIRLS (and guys?)

    What Koori said. TOTALLY WHAT KOORI SAID. (Plus the Turbo movie)

    EDIT: I also adore "The House Bunny"
  10. Re: GIRLS (and guys?)

    None of my movies are guilty pleasures, I don't think. >__> I feel no guilt in watching what I watch...

    I could consider Dorkness Rising a guilty pleasure, I guess. It's a dorky, low budget movie about guys [and a girl] playing DnD. *shrugs* I've never felt such a strong connection to a movie of nerds before. I was always the ONE chick in the group, and I quote this movie all the time.

    It sucks when I quote it and no one knows what I'm talking about... Then when I tell them, they shake their heads with disappointment and call me a nerd. *WEEP*
  11. Re: GIRLS (and guys?)

    Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.



    Music: YES
    Costner: YES
    Rickman: YES
    The Blessmonster: YES
    Will Scarlet as Robin Hood's long-lost brother: OH FUCK YES
    Morgan Freeman as a Saracen teaching people what it means to fight against the odds for the land you love: OH BABY!
    Surprise Sean Connery Finale: WOOHOO!
    Friar Tuck breaking the fourth wall: YES!
    Bryan Adams, Everything I do, I do it for you: YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Re: GIRLS (and guys?)


    This movie is Win on so many levels.
  13. Re: GIRLS (and guys?)

    . . .

    Okay, Asmo's answer is the best in the thread.
  14. Re: GIRLS (and guys?)

    300 for me. It's bad, lord is it bad. It takes itself seriously. It thinks it so cutting edge. As a history-major, I should be ABHORRENT of it. But honestly, it cracks me up.

    I like bad horror movies without guilt, so they don't count. :| The Dentist, The entire Tremors series, Evil Dead.... I recommend both the ever entertaining 'The Refrigerator' and 'Death Bed, the Bed that Eats' if you haven't seen them.
  15. Re: GIRLS (and guys?)

    Hmm, guilty pleasure? I'd have to go with Heavy Metal the movie. I was exposed to it at a very young age and despite/because of the sexuality of it I do enjoy rocking out to it from time to time. Plus the different animation styles and the arch plot is interesting.
  16. Re: GIRLS (and guys?)

    It gets bonus point for copying the visual style of the graphic novel its based on to a tee.
  17. ...I should probably mention that I also like watching the animated Barbie movies. c____c SOME of them were pretty good...
  18. Thank you, Diana. Now I have every single Barbie song stuck in my head.

    Titanic was a disturbingly good movie.
  19. I don't understand how you can feel guilty while watching a movie you like, unless it's porn. But even then I don't feel guilty..

    I suppose maybe it would be this movie..
    It's one of my favourite childhood movies, and it still makes me tear up :'( <3
  20. Fox and the Hound.



    I like Rom-Coms. Particularly French ones. :I