Guilds and Servers? Oh my!

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  1. Basically, we have our list of Iwaku Gamers atm.
    But nothing to really focus/collect activity on certain games.

    So I'm wondering, who here wants to get together and make a Guild or Server for certain games?

    I'm open to any game that I play.
    But the main ideas I have atm are Minecraft, Space Engineers and Guild Wars 2.
  2. *waves hand for Guild Wars 2*
    Oooooo definitely. My other guild isn't as active at the moment (but then again, I'm not either). But if there was an IWaku Guild, I'd be all for it.
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  3. Yeay! :3

    Though I should note, I recently had to buy a new copy of GW2 on the 10$ sale.
    Issues popped up with their customer support and log in system, preventing me from getting my old account back.
    So I will be using a new/low leveled character for a while.
  4. This alright. Because I recently got my husband started on it, so he has a low level as well. And he only plays when I get on. XD
    That sale though... man.. It was how I convinced him.
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  5. Alright.
    Once we get some more people showing interest we can decide on a server/world.
  6. This could be an excuse to play more Guild Wars.

    Been playing space engineers with a friend lately too but he's flakier than a pillsbury croissant when it comes to leaving the server up to use. Have a laptop with 4gb of RAM and a decent processor that doesn't get used. But fuck setting up a server. Pain in the ass.
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  7. I meant Server (at least in GW2 context) as the world we use.
    I'm not suggesting a privatized GW2 world, that'd just be silly. :P
  8. No such thing. I was talking about hosting space engineers, ya' Doof.
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  9. I'd play more Space Engineers if my computer could the sheer size of the things I like to make.

    I built a kilometer-long ship and began to fill it in with stuff, but eventually the mass of it became too much for my laptop to handle, and now it lags too much to be playable.
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  10. I'm down for GW2. All I ever do is run around, rez people, and do jump puzzles anyway.
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  11. My Guild Wars 2 ID thingy is kiarrn.7926 if anyone cares. I've completely forgot how to add people anyway..
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  12. Gwazi Magnum.8910 is mine.

    Though like I side earlier, had to re-buy the game.
    So I'm starting out fresh at Level 1 and have yet to pick a world.
  13. Lockhart.9104 is mine.

    I thought people didn't have to pick worlds now that they put in the stupid mega server thing. I could be wrong though.
  14. Maybe, I've been out of it for over a year now.
    Though when I logged in to see what my username was it still gave me a world list.
  15. Still pick servers. But you can GUEST on other servers without issue... I do that with my other guild. Unless it changed very VERY recently. Then I am COMPLETELY wrong and should be ignored.
  16. What's the difference between guesting and being on your home server?
  17. Home sever is where you automatically are logged in and play with people on that server. Guesting, nothing really changes. You can play story line and what not and quests, it just that you play with a different group of people. My whole guild is on another server, because I chose a home one before knowing they had a guild.

    But playwise, nothing different. But then again, I don't participate in the World Vs World thing.
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  18. Oh, so it's mainly just a default server then?
    That makes things easier. :3
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  19. Tarnished Coast or bust.
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