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  1. Guild Legacy

    Setting: Gate City is a massive city with millions of inhabitants, and it is exactly what it sounds like. Gate City has a huge circular steel wall surrounding it that stands taller than the skyscrapers and a clear dome that closes it all in. The only way in or out is the four huge gates on the north, south, east, and west sides of the walls. The light of the moon and rays of the sun still shine through easily and the dome is so clear that you hardly know its there. But without the steel wall and the domes protection things would be a nightmare within the city and nearly all of mankind would have probably been wiped out.

    Back Story: Over 170 years ago mysterious shiny meteors began to fall out of the sky causing destruction to hundreds of cities throughout the world and killing many thousands of people. But as soon as we all thought the worst was over, “The Nemesis” revealed themselves. The Nemesis are a race of giant insects. They had been sleeping dormant within the meteors due to the freezing temperatures of flying through space and the lack of oxygen. But now within our planets atmosphere they were waking up, breaking out of the meteors and attacking without mercy or remorse. The human race was caught off guard as we were already struggling to help the many that had been injured when the meteors fell. If not for the amazing properties that the meteors had been composed of we would not have had a chance. We named the metal created from the meteors Soulsteel because of its ability to absorb and channel spirit energy. Since then we have been building domed cities to protect ourselves with Gate City being the very first ever built, and the largest.

    Plot: The G.C.G. (Gate City Guild) are the official protectors of Gate City. Its the guilds job to control crime, keep the peace, and protect the city from the Nemesis. Other cities have guilds as well but the G.C.G are said to be the best of the best.

    You will be taking on the role of a newly graduated Guilder in a Squad within the G.C.G. known as “The Dragon Squad”. Each Guilder had to specialize in two classes while in training to graduate. These are known as a your Major and Minor. For instance I would say that I Majored as a Slayer, and Minored as a Rogue. If you have any questions, or need more clarification, Just ask.
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  2. Guild Classes:

    Slayers: Warriors that use bladed weapons such as swords, axes, spears, daggers, metal claws, scythes, ect. Spiritual energy attacks included.

    Rangers: Uses of medium to long ranged weapons such as gun types, crossbows and bow types, boomerangs, throwing knives(not daggers), darts, ect. Spiritual energy attacks included.

    Enforcers: Melee combat specialists. Uses their body as weapons such as their feet, legs, arms, hands, and head in various types of fighting styles such as boxing, capoeira, kick boxing martial arts, wrestling, and kung fu. This also includes being specialized in the choice of one melee weapon such as bo staff, whip, nun chucks, hammer, nightsticks, metal chain, baseball bat, mace, ect. Spiritual energy attacks included.

    Magicians: Magicians get one choice of an element such as water, air, smoke, sand, lightning, sound, shadows, ice, stone, nature, ect. Magicians can choose to specialize in two elements instead of two classes if wanted. Magicians control elements, they do not become them.

    Primals: Human beast hybrids.

    Lupin(wolf), Neko(feline), Naga(snake), Draco(lizard), Centaur(horse), Saytr(goat), Belverine(bear), Minotaur(bull), Merfolk(fish), Valkyrie(bird) are the only types allowed. Major Increase in one specific trait such as strength, running speed, leaping, balance, healing, sight, smelling, ect. are allowed pending approval. No flying abilities, but gliding is allowed.

    Guardians: Uses spiritual energy to cast strong defensive spells for shielding from incoming attacks or healing spells. Guardians can also curse enemies with temporary ailments such as blindness, paralyzation, poison, or they can bless themselves and their allies with temporary boosts in abilities such as attack power, physical defense, accuracy, ect.

    Summoners: Can summon up to three normal animals of their choosing to battle at once. For instance a gorilla, a lion, and an eagle can all be summoned at once and used in battle. Then if need be they can be dispelled and three brand new summons, such as an elephant, a cobra, and a bull can be used, but the maximum amount at any one time is three. Summoners can also choose one mythic beast as a permanent summon, such as a dragon, a phoenix, a griffin, ect. Dinosaurs are included as mythic beasts.

    Inventors: Creates machines, vehicles, and gadgets for various uses in battle, such as a chainsaws, net traps, mines, flamethrowers, missiles, bear traps, stun guns, rocket booster, grenades, ect.

    Rogue: Rogues use, speed, agility, and stealth techniques like pickpocketing, lock picking, escape artistry, smoke screens, hiding in shadows, scaling walls, ect...

    Esper: Uses psychic abilities such as, Mind reading, thought speak, mind control, telekinesis, force field, and mental shock attacks. The more intelligent the creature is the more effective the mental abilities are. Creatures with basic instincts are less affected by mind reading, thought speak, mind control or mental shock.

    Just an FYI:

    Spiritual Energy: Its the life force of all living things. Humans have learned that it if trained it can be used as a power source to do all sorts of amazing things like psychic abilities, elemental sorcery, healing magic, powerful melee attacks, ect. Some have even learned to power their mechanics and technology with it. Without S.E. the planet would die along with everything on it.
  3. Guilder Creator Sheets:

    Name: (First and Last)

    Age: (15-25)

    Sex: (Male or Female)

    Body Type: (Guys:Speedy, Average, Jumbo.) (Ladies:Petite, Average, Curvy)

    Class Major:(some classes work better as Majors)

    Description:(explain why they fit this class, weapons, abilities, fighting style,ect)

    Class Minor:(some classes work better as Minors)

    Description:(explain why they fit this class, weapons, abilities, fighting style,ect)

    Extra: (Anything else you think we need to know?)
  4. Hmmmm... This sounds interesting. I think (expect) there to be a lot of action. I'm a noob at it but if you don't mind that than I will make a CS. It's good a practice for me. (I won't see it as just a simple exercise.)
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