Guess who's looking for an RP right now?

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Well I posted something slightly similar a while back but I never got a response so I'm trying again. I'm in the mood for onexone RP. Mostly a modern romance story. I'm strictly a female character, though. I also done like the Yuri or Yaoi stuff. I don't hate, it. I'm just not comfortable writing it. With anything like sex, just blackout. seriously. Um...yeah, that's about it. Any ideas?
I like playing male characters. :D I seem to be overflowing with female characters right now, so playing more male characters would actually be very welcoming. And I'm open to pretty much any plot. Especially if there's a romance involved.
Oh cool. Well I'm kind of in the middle of writer's block so do you have any ideas in mind?
Well... What age frame do you want to do?
Um. I'm usually playing a teenage character '-_- Sorry if that's a bit...weird.
Nah, that's cool. So late jr high, early high, late high...
Okay. So we'll play a modern romance with characters in sophomore/junior year of high school, right?
You wanna get us started? I'll follow your lead.
Um well, I'm kind of going through writer's block, so if you want to come up with a story that would be cool, but if you want me to that's fine as well.
I'll come up with something and post a link here when I get it done then. :) Just give me a bit to think of it.
Have been swamped with pain and sickies the last few days, but I'm gonna post a lot of things this weekend, and I'll have it up by Sunday night. ^^ Sorry for making you wait so long. ><
No, no don't worry. I'm pretty busy myself so it's completely understandable.
Ummm....I don't know, it depends on what the story's about I guess.
Hmm... Well, it's a high school modern romance... I'll look around, see if I can come up with one. If you think of something in the meantime, let me know.