Guess who's back, back again!



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So that wonderful chick named Britty has returned. Life took a bad turn a few months ago and I'm working on getting out of this hurricane. So yeah. Diana prob still wants me dead or something. BUT IT'S ALL GOOD.

So, what's been going on?
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Diana's generally out to kill anyone who doesn't post.

So yes, you're probably right.

Welcome back, regardless.


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*Points accusingly!* D:<

On the bright side, that RP didn't go too far without you AND I didn't murder your charrie yet! XD


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.... -touches Dia- Miss me? ;D

She's still alive?! XD I need to catch up, get the low down and all that jazz.

Ike Sapphire

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Welcome back Britty hope everything starts to turn in your favor

anyway thats all so I should be going *walks off into the shadows*


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Welcome back!