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  1. ( @Mobley Eats I can have Itzlie come up..besides she wants to see her brother. I can also have her brother wake up?)
    (I know right? crazy)
    I hold her and she tells me its a comedy.
    "Oh alright." I say with a smile as I watched the movie. A comedy would be a good distraction for me right now. I am quiet as a part of me still wants to tell her but I again shake it off...I mean it wasn't like I was sure it was about her anyways.

    I just smirked at her comment
    "Alright well...if you think that I guess there's no changing your mind."I say jokingly acting hurt as I spin in my chair.
    "Yeah that sounds like a pretty nice life just hanging out and working on conspiracies. Oh yes I love dogs! They are the best." I say with a nod.
    "Of course because dogs are the best." I then say and laughed a little

    I blink frozen..not sure what to say as he tell me that I deserved the best. I didn't know what to say to his comment..and I become silent. I leaned over and gives him a hug. I didn't know why he thought that about me but it was nice. He was a good friend.

    I was enjoying the hug as he stroked my hair. He then teases me and I turn a little bit more red. He then asks about how long a hug is suppose to last.
    "Alright I am good. you can let me go now." I then say with a smile letting him go from the hug.
  2. Helen

    Satisfaction bubbles through me as Penelope tries to encourage Demi to come with us. Yay! My two friends might actually be able to get along! What a dream come true. I don't know how if Penelope realizes how happy I am that she is trying to communicate with Demi, even if it is a little bit sarcastic at times. That can be affectionate, can't it? My brothers say the worst crap about each other, but its only because they love each other. I have seen them cuddle and hug it out before, the dorks. So I am assuming they are on the right track. Oh Penny...I am so proud.

    I giggle lightly at the two. Goodness. They really do remind me of Logan and Charlie. It's almost crazy how much Logan reminds me of Demi. Both a little hotheaded. really funny, and not to mention they both have an extensive vocabulary of swearing. Oh well, I suppose my tongue has the same ailment.

    I squeeze her hand as she slide it into mine and I give a bright smile as she shows positivity. I can see Cyrus's brow furrow at Demi, clearly confused at her language.

    "Er...yes...please let us not discuss that..." He mumbled slowly then allowed a small smile. "Also watch your goddamn language." I blink as he swears, I am not surprised that he swears, but it still feels weird hearing his voice like that. I shake my head.

    "Come on already nerds." I tease them, leading the way with Demi's hand still mine. I glance back to see that, despite Cyrus being able to see quite clearly now, he still is gripping onto Nellie's hand like a lost puppy. Its so freaking cute my brain has a hard time computing it. Just kiss her already, damn it. I shake my head and turn my face back towards where we are heading. I feel good. I have never had such a big group of people hanging out around me before. At least when they weren't mocking me.
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  5. Carrie

    Her grip is so strong on my hand that I am almost surprised. She's shaky as I am and all I can do to reassure her is squeeze her hand gently, rubbing my thumb over the top of her hand. I swallow anxiously, I pray that she is being honest with me. That she is okay. I can't trust that, but I know that I can do the most by trusting her and being right next to her if she needed me. She was there for me and I know I will always be there for her the moment the trouble comes upon her. I would dare say she was almost like a little sister, or perhaps a child. I just have had hard times connecting with this girl, and it seems that we both are having trouble, which has opened her up a bit. Hopefully she will open up just a little bit more and I can get to the bottom of what is going on in her head, why she has that branding on her back. God. I want her to heal.

    "I didn't think it was possible until it happened." I admit slowly and feel my breath start to catch in my throat. I can imagine his fingers pressed against my throat, squeezing...releasing...squeezing....

    No. I have never had that memory before...oh God...but it happened didn't it?

    Squeezing...releasing...air...I need air...A large gasp shudders through my body and with a whimper I clutch hard onto her hand. Release. Release. I try not to give into the panic all together and I focus on her words. How she claims how valuable I am to her and everyone else. My eyes sting.

    Release. Release. I can breathe again. I can breathe. "I love you Quinn." I mutter weakly, trying not to lose hold now. "I love you and the kids all so much. You have no idea how much you..." I glance up and realize we are in the hospital. More memories slide into my head. I remember I begged Scott not to bring me here. But he did. He told the doctors I was his kid. That some punk beat me up in the alleyway. Both which were major lies but...Scottie always knew how to fib when he needed.

    I can feel pain that shouldn't be there now, and my eyes are trying not to flutter back. The hospital is not a good place for me, even though I always dreamed of working at one. This just brings back everything I wanted buried.

    Squeeze. Release. Squeeze. Tighter. I can't breathe. I can't...My body begins to tremble and with my free hand I scratch furiously at my throat. Like something was still there. I grow back to reality as the pain stings and I pull my hand back, looking at Quinn with wide eyes before I mumble "F-fractured ribs. I can confirm at least two..."I don''t know if that's directed at the nurse or at myself. Trying to remind myself where I was. That I was here now and wasn't there. Release. Release.

    He won't let me breathe.
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