Guess what's back, back again? (Open Registration)

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  1. Guess what's back, back again?
    Open registration.
    Tell your friends.

    Yes! As the cheesy title says, open registration is coming back on September 1st! Now that we have things more under control, we can open Iwaku back up to everyone. Which means you no longer have to send invites to people for them to be able to join Iwaku. 8D

    We have tons of big things planed for Iwaku this year, and temporarily closing registrations was one way to make things a whoooooooleee lot easier. As I said previously, now that we have (some of) our ducks in a row, we are opening registration! So yes! Cheering! Happiness! Rainbows!

    I'd like to thank you all for your cooperation during all of these crazy adjustments and updates. 0_0 We are always working hard to continue making Iwaku a fun and user-friendly site, and we wouldn't be able to do that if we didn't have such a supportive group of members.
    And with that.....


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  2. Perfect late birthday gift from Iwaku to me!
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  3. More potential customers! Eeeexcelent
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  4. Sounds great to me :bsmile:
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  5. More fresh meat once again~
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  6. [​IMG]
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  7. More to sacrifice to the great Owlmum and my staff senpais <3
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  8. Yay! New people to initiate into the cult >:)
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  9. yeeeeeess
  10. YAY! More players for my roleplays!! :D
  11. Yes, yes. More people for my master plan >:]
  12. More blood for the blood gods.
  13. I'm actually kind of excited, to me, it seems like group roleplays are falling apart so I'm hoping they pick back up :applause:

  15. Finally!

    More people for me to Shepherd and lead to a new awakening.
  16. Remember everyone. You can still always give out your Invite Links before open registration starts if you know someone who may be interested in joining. Just don't break any rules on Iwaku or where you give them out in the process.
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