Guardians of Time

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April 13, 3143

"Quickly, we cannot miss the portal!" Malacia shouted over her shoulder, her voice calm but strong. Her legs pounded below her, lurching her body forward in strong, powerful bounds. She was sprinting with every ounce of energy she had left, her gaze fixed on the goal which lie before her: The portal.

It was a shadow left behind, a strange anamoly which occurs after a time traveler leaps into another era. A single, glowing ring floats in the air, wavering and quivering with a white light that has both the appearance of fire and water. There was nothing else special about it, however; no world can be seen through it, no sound can be heard from it. Just a simple, white ring levatating a few feet off the ground. And it was slowly shrinking.

One would think that the Guardians wouldn't have to go through this much trouble, scrambling towards the ring left behind from one retreating time traveler. They could create they're own ring, and time travel themselves. But they were tracking a Prime. That ring of light was left by it, and it was they're only hope of locating they're enemies. Malacia had no idea where era the Primes had jumped to. Her only hope of finding out? Jump through that portal.

Her booted feet no longer found pavement to pound on, as her body sprung into the air. Without realizing it, she had summoned her wings from her back, the mechanisms morphing from the tattoo that spread over her spine. A soft, turqoise glow emanated from miniscule lights eteched into the wings' frame, and the bladed "feathers" glistened in the moonlight.

"Prepare for transport!" Malacia bellowed as she reached for her weapons at her hips. The two chakrams, once dull and silent, crackled to life. A bright, curved beam of energy shot around her hands, producing a low, monotone hum. She lifted the weapons into battle position, preparing for whatever lay beyond that portal.

And in one graceful, horizontal dive, her small body shot through the ring, disappearing without a flash or sound.

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Character List
  1. Sebby-Chan::Acutulus(Clever)::Bio
  2. Mio Ichigo::Glacialis(Icy)::Bio
  3. Loveless::Arden(Thrilled)::Bio
  4. Raiu::Fractus Animus(Broken Soul)::Bio
  5. Nightstalker::Iudica(Judge)::Bio
  6. Cyaninde::Gemma(Trinket)::Bio
  7. Bellsong::Silius Guadium(Silent Joy)::Bio
  8. Lawkheart::Angeli Daemones(Devil's Angel)::Bio
  9. Crona::Curiositas(Curiosity)::Bio


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Curiositas was running towards the portal until her wandering eyes went to the ledge. She slowed down next to the ledge and got on her tip toes to look over it. "Ooo~ We're so high up~" She sang, her tail waging with excitement. Soon she started climbing up onto the railing to see further down. It would be easy for any of the other Guardians to grab her and carry her through the portal, even though they all know that she hates being treated as the kid of the group. Despite this, Curiositas hasn't tried acting older. It's like she just turned out to be younger than the rest of the Guardians. Not a failure, just a different maturity level than the rest.
All four arms were present and yet he still felt he could not grab his one single bag fast enough. Granted he had a lot of spare bits inside. He hadn't had much time to actually figure out whwt he was going to develope with it yet, but he had a small idea for a blaster of some sort he was just missing a couple pieces to accomplish the task. As soon as his bag was in hand he took off at a very swift sprint using three arms and both legs to propell his after his winged companion. "I didn't even get to finish my invention though!" he called after her. No bother. They were on the hunt and they couldn't exactly wait around for another Prime to suddenly appear and create a new portal for them. This was their chance, and they had to take it. So he made every use of his extra imbs and leaped headfirst through the floating ring, his last thought in this era being. "I wonder what the locals think of this...." And with that, he vanished through the ring just behind Malacia.
Iudcia was walking behind Curiositas when he saw her climb up onto the railing just to see how high up they were. Creating a sycthe from water, he hooked the blade gently against Curiositas' stomach to prevent her from falling. Walking up to her, Iudica replaces the blade with his own arm and supports the bulk of her weight. "I've told you before Curiositas, your curiosity just might be the death of you. Now come on we need to get going." Lifting Curiositas off the railing, he places her back onto the platform, while letting his sycthe turn back into water. Opening up his shirt collar, Iudica's reveals the set of gills that occupy his throat. "I hope the era that Prime went to is either in its rainy season or has lots of water." Checking the shapness of his sycthe, Iudica walked through the portal without a trace.
Here's the chase: Hunting primes and running after portals; day in, day out. Funnest part? The different eras they got to travel through. At least, that was Arden's personal opinion. In truth, after several days in one era, it all just got boring to Arden. So, every time a new portal opened up, excitement of new adventure conjured up inside the boy. Not necessarily new adventure, since they were basically doing the same thing each time. That is, hunting the primes. It was more or so the new places, landscapes, all the scenery and all of the obstacles. Each era had its on obstacle to run through. Like the one they were in right now. They had to race to the top of this gigantic building in order to even get to the portal. Damn Primes.

Arden fell in last behind the group. Even if he did get bored easily of one place, he always had to get the last glance of the era before they left it. This was mainly due to the reason that, well...there was no telling when, and even if they'll ever return to the same one era again. The Primes were a difficult force to follow, although it was a great challenge. Of course, it was what they were built for in the first place, so it really couldn't be said for them that it was a great challenge, but to the human eyes it was indeed a great challenge.

He looked down at his Mechanical Hand and flexed it a little. Arden watched as the others jumped through the portal. He took a glance around at the surroundings he was in. It was another good-bye. He pulled his jacket sleeve over his hand again and took a breath. It was that time once again. Arden stood straight and began to walk. No, not run - walk. He walked all the way to the edge. He closed his eyes. When he reopened them he took another, and this one his last, glance around. The tall buildings were like a wave of good-bye. A sickening feeling rose within Arden. Every time this happened. He got bored of the place yet...he was never truly ready to leave it all behind. But, he had to.

And so he did. Taking in a breath, Arden leaped into the portal, a whole new wave of excitement flooding within him as he guessed what era they may end up in next....
Acutulus darted alongside his companions, the wind whipping his long hair back and forth and blowing it into his eyes far too often. Malacia made it through first, mechanical wings swallowed by the burning ring above them. She was always first, the mother hen of the group and the most willing to put herself in danger. Acutulus could only hope there wasn't a pack of primes waiting for her. Nimble Curiositas was at the top next, but it took Iudcia dragging her down from the perch and leaping through himself to open the portal up for the next runner, Gemma. Acutulus smirked to himself and leapt up on the steel railing, heeled boots slipping on briefly before the clever Guadian righted himself.

He sensed Arden behind him, admiring this, the place of their birth, once more. Acutulus flicked his eyes over his shoulder, ensuring the other male was at least moving, before tossing his own final glance around the steel jungle. He looked back to the portal and crouched down like a cat, long nails acting like claws on the steel rail. He took hold of his knifes, one between each of his fingers, and pounced from his crouched position, landing on whatever terrain awaited them like a cat, at the ready.

Malacia had little time to think as she tumbled down that "rabbit hole" of a portal. Or, at least, she thought she was falling down… but she may have well been falling up or sideways or even backwards. It was hard to maintain a sense of direction in that place, which often caused the problem of motion sickness in most. Luckily, Malacia was spared that suffering.

Whether out of fear or confusion, Malacia tried to refrain from observing her surroundings, but they were hard to ignore. Blue and orange rings formed a crude tunnel that trailed before her indefinitely; because of the great speed she was flying at, the rings merged together in a blur of deep amber. What lurked in the black expanse beyond the safety of the tunnels, she could only guess.

She kept her breath slow and methodic, remaining calm despite the chaos that whirrled around her; She held her gaze ahead, although she had nothing to fix it on but the end of a never-ending tunnel; and she kept her chakrams at the ready, fully expecting the Primes to be waiting in the world that was about to meet them.
The rings that surrounded the group began to loose their color, signaling the end of their short journey.

"Here it comes..." Malacia murmurred. She had no need to yell; the tunnel was so eerily quiet, a whisper sufficed for a shout.
Fractus, the usual loner, was usually at the back of the pack. This time however, he was so far back that he was in a pack of his own.

Rushing hand, placing his hand on the corners of walls so that he could round them better, every second counting so that he could get back to 'mom'. The Prime had sent him for a loop but he was so close, nearly there when the portal started to close. "No!"

With a final burst of speed, he dived into the portal, his foot nearly getting caught in the closing edge as he fell, panting, well behind the others. "Too close," he mouthed to himself.
Silius sprinted towards the portal. Just before she hopped in, her sword, Nightlight was in her hand. She jumped in. This was still new to her, so the rings she passed still scared her. She tore her gaze away from the many rings she was passing, and focused ahead. Malacia was farther ahead, the others trailing behind. Silius watched each and every one of them, studying their backs. She felt that the portal was coming to an end, so she returned her gaze to the front of the portal. "Nunc ne di quidem..." She muttered in Latin, then sighed. "But I must, and I will."
Angeli had jumped in at last minute just before Fractus. She panted letting the pull of the portal drag her towards the others. She gripped the hilt of her blade and waited, sighing softly as she waited. Her eyes fixed on the black hole in front of her. She sighed softly and groaned as she hit the ground hard. She stood up and looked at the others, not saying a word.
After Inducia pulled Curiositas off the railing, she puffed her cheeks out in annoyance like a little child. She didn't think her curiosity would be the death of her. Although she could be sorely mistaken. She jumped through the portal and was about to unfold her scythe when her attention wandered to the colors surrounding her. She couldn't help but try to go near them, only she wasn't able to move around well in that place. Gravity took over as she entered the new time. She tumbled and rolled on the ground, stopping on her stomach.
The extra arms seemed useless as he toppled out of the wormhole. He landed in a hopeless heap of limbs on the otherside. His bag had skittered about five feet away at the feet of Malacia, who had come in just before him. He stood finally and brushed himself off before retracting his extra arms. "Useless limbs, I swear. Why couldn't I have gotten something useful like WINGS?" He continued mumbling to himself as he walked over and picked up his bag. He then looked over at Malacia, "I hope theres something here for me to finish this blasted blaster, Mal" He then stopped looked at the ground and chuckled a bit. "Blasted blaster... How amusing.."
She toppled to the ground when the portal came to an end, landing on her feet much like a cat. Silius looked around, studying the new time the had entered, watching for an attack. She looked Angeli and the others. Whispering something in Latin, she returned her gaze to everyone around her, expecting an attack from a Prime or twelve. She wanted to activate her Sight, but would only do so when Malacia told her to. She took a deep breath, readying her weapon. Nightlights hum could be used to drawing a Prime to them, and Silius hoped it was true. "Ubinam sunt..." She preferred to talk to herself in Latin because she felt that only a few could understand her. "Taedet me... I am weary of waiting for them." She switched to English, knowing that she might bother the others. Still she spoke quietly, as if hoping not to be heard.
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