Guardians of Time (reboot)



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"Quickly, we cannot miss the portal!" Iudica shouted over her shoulder, his voice calm but strong. His legs pounded below him, lurching his body forward in strong, powerful bounds. He was sprinting with every ounce of energy he had, his gaze fixed on the goal which lie before him: The portal.

It was a shadow left behind, a strange anamoly which occurs after a time traveler leaps into another era. A single, glowing ring floats in the air, wavering and quivering with a white light that has both the appearance of fire and water. There was nothing else special about it, however; no world can be seen through it, no sound can be heard from it. Just a simple, white ring levatating a few feet off the ground. And it was slowly shrinking.

One would think that the Guardians wouldn't have to go through this much trouble, scrambling towards the ring left behind from one retreating time traveler. They could create they're own ring, and time travel themselves. But they were tracking a Prime. That ring of light was left by it, and it was they're only hope of locating they're enemies. Iudica had no idea where era the Primes had jumped to. His only hope of finding out? Jump through that portal.

His booted feet no longer found pavement to pound on, as his body sprung into the air. "Prepare for transport!" Iudica bellowed as he reached for his weapon that rested on his back. The blade of the sycthe unfolded as he removed it from its resting place. He lifted the weapon into a fast strike postion, preparing for whatever lay beyond that portal.

Veloxa sprinted after Iudica, narrowing her eyes at the quickly retreating window between realities. Each time this happened, each time a new portal opened its gaping maw for a precious few seconds that meant the difference between survival and being trapped in time indefinitely, Vel saw it as a personal challenge, a dare to run faster and longer and harder than she had last time.

"Prepare for transport!" Iudica's command reverberated in her ears. Veloxa launched into the air, her powerful legs springing into the portal, her arms outstretched, the belt with her dagger sheaths momentarily uplifted by the force of her jump. She hurtled into the void beyond, hoping the others would also make it in time.
Curiositas ran as fast as she could towards the portal, but slowed down once her eyes wandered to the edge. She moved over to the railing and climbed up it a little ways, looking down. "Wow....We're so high up!" She exclaimed, sounding excited over it. Her fluffy tail wagged behind her as she stared down, her eyes shining brightly.

"Prepare for transport!"

This command from Indica sort of snapped her back to attention. She reluctantly pulled away from the railing and continued running for the portal. Once she came close enough, she jumped through it. Curiositas was about to pull out her weapon, but her eyes wandered again, the inside of the portal catching her attention.
The hunt was on.

Videre sprinted towards the portal. A Prime was trying to escape from them but it wouldn't get far. His double sword was out and ready to fight in his right hand. His eyes never left the portal as he ran fast towards it. I see you are trying to escape. Yet, I also see you will fail in your quest.
His blank face showed no emotion but his arms and legs moved at a great speed in an effort to catch the beast. He heard his comrades yell something but his concentration was else where.
You will not escape my vision.
He leaped, his body flying through the air as if he had wings and were flying. His body entered the portal and he immediately put his arms in front to absorb the impact of his fall. Though his palms were faced inward as to protect his seeing eyes from harm.
Nonusitato continued right behind the others, only one hand equipped with a weapon, a short yet murderously sharp stiletto knife, pulled from her belt to be ready as she jumps through the portal, her brown curls flying behind her in the slight wind made by her running speed, and her golden eyes determinably set on the glowing, wavering sphere as it shrunk. It really was a lovely sight, and yet Nonusitato always wondered to what she would describe it as.

Giving a small physical shake of her head, as if to fling those distracting thoughts from her mind, she concentrated completely on the white portal, and the movement of her feet. Picking up speed as she heard Indica’s command to prepare for transport, she was almost there and soon jumped through after the others, glad to have made it. Imagine having been left behind, and sitting out on the mission as the others explored foreign times and worlds? Now that would have been disappointing.
Gen was leaning against a wall staring up into the sky, eyes narrowed and posture sluggish. It was obvious he was falling asleep and with that one yawn he placed his hand to his mouth then followed his narrowed eyes coming to a close. Suddenly the sound of Iudica's command quickly snapping him out. He looked to his left and saw what he didn't notice previously. It was the white portal leading to wherever the Prime had decided to retreat. Gen quickly pushed himself off the wall and dashed toward the portal. As he got closer he placed his finger to the middle of his glasses to keep them on then calmly walked into the portal falling through.

Here we go again! Sooner this is over the sooner I can regain some energy.