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"Time is the coin of your life, and only you may choose how it is spent."
Doctor Sledge, 3143 A.D.

Time travel. A thought that has been in the minds and dreams of men for centuries. The capability to move from one point to another on an ever changing timeline, the opportunity to witness monumental events and change the course of history.

This dream was achieved by Dr. Sledge, a brilliant geneticist, but unnoticed by the world. His life was devoted to the process of proving his unorthodox theory: that there is somehow a link binding time and the genes of a human together. He believed that, through much work, this "link" can be manipulated, allowing certain individuals to pass through time itself. Years he spent in his lair, torturing countless human test subjects, desperately trying to prove his theory right. Many experiments failed; many subjects were put to death.

And, at last, the Seekers were born.

Dr. Sledge gazed proudly at his creations: the first time travelers. They were perfect creatures, void of any emotion or memory, meek slaves ready to bide to their master's command. Dr. Sledge was bursting with pride over his accomplishment, ready to show the world these new inventions of brilliance...

But the Seekers had yet to finish their mutations. Their genes were in a constant state of change, and they didn't change in a good way. Slowly, they morphed into creatures much more beastly in appearance than human. Dark and twisted by the dark hearts of their former human form, these new monsters harbored malice and fury, rebelling against their creator. They saw themselves as a superior race, unfitting for their roles as slaves.

Dr. Sledge quickly lost control. The Seekers, who renamed themselves "Primes," bound together in one unstoppable force and broke free from the Doctor's authority. They are now leaping through time with ease, causing a myriad of troubles throughout history and the future.

It is because of this that Sledge created the Guardians. With the same time-traveling capabilities as the Primes, the Guardians are sworn to protect the humans from the dangers of both the past... and the future. Their mission? Destroy the Primes at all cost. The fate of man rests in their hands

Character Template
Sections marked with "*" are required. Erase words not in bold upon posting. Age is not included, for they are all only a few days old, but appear to be in their mid-twenties. Primes are NPCs; you cannot be one.

Notes: Anyone who was a part of the original may reuse their character. The IC thread will be posted when there are at least five character sheets approved.

Name*: All Guardians' names are written in Latin dialect. Use Google translate ( to help you in choosing a name. The name reflects a character's personality. Example: Misericordia is Latin for Mercy, so this character would likely be kind and compassionate.​

Name Translation*: The English translation of your Latin name.

Nickname: If your name is a mouthful, you may shorten it.

Gender*: Male/Female.

Appearance*: Picture, words, or both. Any clothes they have could be subject to change as they pass through various eras. At the story start, all characters have futuristic looking clothes (jumpsuits, spandex, ect.)

Personality: All Guardians are truly pure at heart, but that does not prohibit a development of unique qualities.

Mutations: These can be whatever you like, as long as they aren't gruesome or demonic.

Powers: Besides that of time-travel. No limit on these, as long as you include one weakness for each in the "weaknesses" section below. Nothing dark, like demonic or blood-magic. Remember, the Guardians are pure.

Weaknesses*: Only required if character possesses powers.

Weapons: Please be realistic as to how many they have, and specify where each is stored (on the back, at the hip, ect.). Pictures of each weapon are allowed.

Other: Fighting styles, likes, dislikes, ect. No pets or relationships at the moment: the Guardians were born a few days ago for Pete's sake.

This.....seems like it would have a great deal of potential. Though I'm entirely too wary of Paradox...*grin* I'll work something out later.

Name Translation*: Judge

Nickname: None

Gender*: Male


Personality: Just like the english translation , Iudica tends to judge everybody he sees. He is 99% accuarte when judging people, and can get almost even the smallest details right. He will also use this one his comrads and other Guardians, which tends to annoy most people around him, but its just his way of showing he cares. He mainly uses this ability though to judge people's combat ability, combat situations. He is an easy person to reason with and is usually calm under most situations. The only time he is hard to reason with is when he thinks he is right, which is almost all the time.

Mutations: Has gills on his throat which only open when he is underwater.

Powers: Earth manipluation - able to amnipluate the earth to any shape he wants. uses this power for mostly defence
Water manipulation - Is able to shape water into any form he desires, he can solidify water.

Weaknesses*: Earth manipulation- when wearing earth, Iudica's speed is lowered
State changing- Iudica cannot change water into ice

Weapons: Iudcia weilds a sycthe which he carries on his back. The blade would be six feet long if straight. He also hides a short sword underneath his left sleeve

Other: none
I would like to reserve a spot! I'll make my character sheet soon.
Name: Videre

Name Translation
: "To see."

Nickname: Not really any, but sometimes people can call him Vid.

Gender: Male

Appearance: warrior/Tejrinde/Male Avatars/Warriors/warrior.jpg?o=63

Personality: He's very monotonous, rarely showing any emotion at all. Most of the time he speaks in a blank, level tone of voice and has an expression-less face. Going with his name, he can see many things people tend not to see. His eye sight is very sharp and good. He can see emotion and energy in the world around him. Videre is very observant and starts almost every sentence with "I see...". He tend to pay attention to the smaller details more than other people, believing them to be just as important as the bigger ones.

Mutations: On the palms of both of his hands, are large eyes. They look like normal human eyes, except more...creepy.

Powers: His hand-eyes allow him to see emotions and energy in the world. If you are feeling sad, he can "see" it. If you are working hard and using a lot of energy, he can see the lost energy. This allows him to sense things other people cannot.

Weaknesses: If one is good at hiding their emotions, he will not be able to detect it. Also, the eyes on his hands can be hurt, which can effect his sense-sight. They can even be blinded permanently, which is why he wears protective gloves over them.

Weapons: sword/atlantian_girl/sword28uath.jpg?o=11 They are usually two separate daggers at his sides, but can connect together to create a double-sword.

Other: He is a very fast fighter and does not do well with slow or loud weapons. He secretly enjoys subjects of art. For some reason, he dislikes the number 25.

(Note: I can't put the pictures in properly so I just have to link to them...)

Does it look okay?

Name*: Curiositas
Name Translation*: Curiosity
Nickname: Curi
Gender*: Female
: (The light of her suit is a few shades darker than her hair color.)

: Curiositas acts childish compared to the others. She'll get annoyed if teased about her childish appearance. She can get really hyper like a little puppy, and will obey most orders given to her. She has a short attention span due to her undying curiosity with the things around her.

: While the other Guardians appear to be in their 20s, Curiositas appears more childlike. Along with that, she has dog ears instead of human ones, and a fluffy dog tail. They are each the same color as her hair, but the tip of her left ear is black.

Power Beam:
A ball of light will start to form as Curiositas charges the attack. When ready, it'll shoot out as a beam instead of a ball, and is supposedly powerful enough to cut through a mountain as if it was butter. The light will start out as white, and will slowly turn to red as it charges. It'll be fully charged when it is a solid red color.

Power Beam: This attack takes a long time to charge, and during the charging time, Curiositas has to stay still and concentrate which is difficult for her. Besides this problem, she'll be wide open for attack by the enemy, and must be protected if the attack is to succeed. If the Power Beam is interrupted when it is charging, it would explode in her hand, causing minor or major burns to Curiositas depending on how much power was generated.

Weapons: The only weapon she has is a black, thick, one foot pole that is able to unfold into a long, sturdy, steam punk looking scythe. When in it's folded form, Curiositas carries it on her belt. It is able to stay there despite all her running and playing around.

Other: Her fighting style seems reckless, but is pretty effective for her. She thinks of the rest of the Guardians as her family, making the Doctor like her father.


Name Translation*: Thrilled and Excited

none of yet.

Gender*: Male

On the right

Personality: Probably one of the more relaxed ones of the group, Arden stays sort of at the end of the line, more of a backgrounder. Yet, he is quite wise, and, and as his name suggests, he gets very thrilled when something new comes up. He loves adventure and will along the way pick up knowledgeable things that the others will most likely pass up.

Mutations: (his right arm)

Powers: with his mechanical arm, Arden is able to pick locks rather easily, build up things, like models/weapons (only if needed), and the like, very quickly - But, there is something else. His mechanical arm is very, very strong. It is able to pick things up that is merely, and seems almost, impossible. It can be used as a weapon in itself, seeing as the "fingers" are sharper than knives, and it can also be used for slight magic. Inside the arm, oils and greases, mixed in with gasoline and other chemicals, fire is conjured up whenever he pleases. It is almost as if Aden can control the arm with his mind, almost true, in a sense.

Weaknesses*: The mechanical arm can get jammed up at times, and so Arden absolutely has to keep an oiling can with him. He also has not yet to master all the tricks to it, so some may back fire. And speaking of fire, the fire that can be conjured may sometimes go out of control, and will have to be handled quickly.

Weapons: Mechanical Arm and a simple pocket knife he keeps, his pocket.

Other: Will be revealed as the RP goes on.

EDIT: The old IC thread I will be closing. We are now getting new people in and so I believe we should start with a new IC.
Thank you everyone for being patient.
:D So excited that I can join! Here's my CS for Veloxa Obscurum:


Name: Veloxa Obscurum
Meaning: Fast Darkness
Nickname: Vel
Gender: Female

Appearance: Veloxa has bright, captivating white-grey eyes that turn a thunderous, stormy charcoal when she is angry, and straight, thick dark hair that gleams violet. She is unusually tall and usually wears a grumpy expression.
Clothing: Veloxa’s thick clothing is waterproof but especially vulnerable to fire, and though it has a slightly metallic exterior to maintain body heat, this may serve to protect against a few arrows but certainly not bullets or steel.
Picture: here Attire: here (but minus the gaping cleavage)

Personality: Vel is furious with Dr. Sledge for creating the Seekers – and the Guardians. She blames him for all the havoc his work has caused, and feels like the Guardians were Dr. Sledge’s last hope at chasing away his own feelings of guilt. Veloxa envies real people, “mortals”, for their proper families and place in the world. She feels disposable and though she secretly yearns for paternal affection, she forcefully separates herself from these desires as she knows they can never come true. Fighting her abandonment issues every step of the way, Vel directs her attention forwards, sparing little time for self-indulgence and niceties, getting her mission done as quickly and effectively as possible, and not really enjoying the process much. She is terrified of what will happen to the Guardians once all the Seekers have been disposed of; also, she worries about Dr. Sledge and what else he may be devising in that twisted mind of his.

Mutations: night vision, hypnotic eyes
Powers: night vision, hypnotic eyes, laser needles, escalators

NIGHT VISION: Night vision has been “built” into her eyes surgically using nanotechnology. When Vel chooses to, she can press the index finger of each hand hard against her temple, and it will activate the night vision nanites, which immediately allow way more light to enter the eye. This considerably dilates the pupil, making her eyes look almost completely black.
WEAKNESSES: Veloxa’s night vision is very literal – it only works perfectly if she is surrounded by total darkness, and when activated during daytime, it makes her practically blind. Even in to’dark (as Vel abbreviates it), her vision is, though sharp and detailed, monochromatic. If there is moonlight or starlight around, since the light shed from these sources are so far away, it does not totally disable her night vision, though if she chooses to turn it on, her artificial eyesight will be blurrier and suffer from less contrast than usual.

HYPNOTIC EYES: Not only do the nanites in Vel’s eyes serve to provide her with night vision, they can expel light waves out of the eye, not just into it, giving them a distinctly luminous and shimmering appearance. A weak-minded person caught in this gaze may find themselves paralyzed and unable to break eye contact, seemingly incapable of formulating a single thought. The even feebler are often troubled with disorientation and amnesia for several minutes after Vel has broken eye contact.
WEAKNESSES: Vel needs to spend at least five minutes around the victim without hypnotizing him/her for the power to be significantly strong. (Each time Veloxa hypnotizes the victim, if even for a second, the clock restarts.) While she hypnotizes, eye contact must not be broken or the flow of telepathic power between her and her victim will be interrupted and she will need half an hour or more to recover. Also, hypnotism only works to an extremely limited degree on strong-willed humans. Since the Seekers are so easily trapped into their vengeful and angry emotions, they are easy to hypnotize, but the Seekers are intelligent about being manipulated and very wary of the trick. Other Guardians, being pure and determined, are virtually immune to hypnotism.

ESCALATORS: Veloxa has an escalator on each foot. The escalator is a machine attached to Vel’s foot that consists of several dozen short, see-through valves attached to a similarly transparent sheet of material that is remarkably resilient and molds to the foot (or footwear) easily. The valves can expel gathered air and cause Vel to levitate several feet off the ground for around 3-5 minutes at a time.
WEAKNESSES: The valves can only hold so much air in storage, and once they expel the average of 4 minutes of levitation time, they need around 6 hours to restore the air needed for 1 minute of levitation. Also, though the valves are pliable and tough, well-suited to travel across most any terrain, they do occasionally crack, and sometimes even melt. They are most vulnerable to moisture and cold weather, as snow and frost will quickly accumulate and freeze the valve openings shut.

LASER NEEDLES: Built into her spandex gloves are hidden compartments for these laser needles, both along the hem, running along the sides of her wrist and arm all the way up to her elbow, and beneath all ten fingers, amounting to a total of about 34. These needles use Vel’s body heat as fuel and gather the warmth for the laser beams as well. The lasers from the needles are pale lavender in color, and their vibration emits a low, dull hum (as opposed to the blaring buzz of a larger laser). Their primary function is pretty much that of a knife, except that they can slice through way more material, and the cuts are more accurate. The activation button for the needles is, curiously, located on her right molar, which she must repeatedly grind back and forth at least three times to effectively press it (diminishing the risk of activating the needles accidentally at an inopportune time – such as during a meal).
WEAKNESSES: Only six lasers at once are automatically activated – her right and left index fingers, middle fingers and ring fingers. The others are mainly for storage, as these six may snap off randomly. However, Veloxa can remove one or more of the six lasers and replace them with a laser at a different location, therefore making that laser now active and one of the standard automatic six inactive. However, this rarely comes in handy. Additionally, the lasers are not very useful as a weapon – they are as thin as a very thin hair and take time to cut through many layers; thus, they must be trained on one spot for quite some time (as in, 10-15 minutes) before they can actually do serious damage. Still, they can come in handy for cutting bread, severing rope, or “wounding” an opponent with a few practically harmless (but painful!) shallow cuts.

Weapons: hypnotic eyes, laser needles, poison pins, daggers, gun

HYPNOTIC EYES – See “Powers” description.

LASER NEEDLES – See “Powers” description.

POISON PINS – Stashed all over her jumpsuit and tied, taped or glued to her skin at various practical locations are poison pins, tiny darts tipped with liquids most people would not want injected in them – the majority are colored blue, indicating a sedative, but a few are a bright yellow, signaling that this dart contains a toxin, the properties of which could range anywhere from producing unwelcome rumblies in the tumblies to causing temporary blindness, convulsions or intense pain. There are two red-colored poison pins, one on Vel’s left wrist and the other in the crook of her back. These are basically several strong toxins combined, their power multiplied to become potentially fatal. Still, it’s difficult to shoot a pin at an opponent and actually get the fragile little things to stick into the skin long and deep enough to expel their contents into the victim’s bloodstream. Even then, depending on the potency of the dart and how much fluid entered the blood (and how fast the contaminated blood was spreading throughout the rest of the body), it can take 60-90 seconds or more for the fluids inside to take effect.

DAGGERS – Veloxa’s primary weapon of immediate defense is a dagger. Made of sheer, resilient futuristic steel, her three daggers of choice (one short, one long and one broad) can even deflect bullets (though it would leave a severe dent in the blade and ruin the weapon; also, it’s highly unlikely that it could provide the ample coverage necessary to protect Vel from being shot at and hit if the situation arose). Veloxa is most skilled at close-range combat, and loves to fight with a dagger in each hand, cutting down an opponent’s defenses while trying to distract or expose them long enough to use a poison pin upon them – or perhaps make use of her hypnotic eyes.

GUN – This is a standard and slightly old-fashioned gun that Veloxa loathes, but she keeps it in her belt just in case long-range is necessary. She finds guns despicable and prefers fighting face-to-face; she hasn’t practiced much with it and though her aim is experienced from five years using poison pins and daggers, her shooting is below average and she will avoid using this weapon as much as possible.
I can see Curiositas getting attached to Vel x3
Will post the new IC thread within the next week. It will be up sometime after Friday, cause that is when my last exam for the semester is. This way people who still want to join can.
I can see Curiositas getting attached to Vel x3

Lol, I just have to imagine how Veloxa will at first totally dismiss Curi as a foolish child and then ogle like a blinking idiot when she turns out to be a capable and effective fighter with her awesome steampunk scythe flying all over the place :D
The rubble and dust clears away and Vel, blinking, looks at Curi: "Nice … er … scythe."
Awkward silence.
Awesome characters, can't wait to RP c:
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I understand that this has already begun, and I understand if you say no, but this thread seemed quite interesting and unique, and I wondered if I may perhaps join it? (With a cherry on top? :P )