Guardians of N.I.M (Magic, tech, pets/companions, otherworld) - not that "NIHM" story :P

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Time: The present


The world we know is divided into three overlapping dimensions, the Normal world where humans live, the Magical world of the Magicals and the Inbetween world which separates the normal from magical. Of course, those humans who know of the existence of magic think the Inbetween world as the Magical one, except for the Guardians.

It has happened before that a human may unknowingly stray into the Inbetween world through a portal where the dimensions are thin and then undergo magical changes. These changes might be subtle or they might be great and fully transform the human, but in either case that human is then known as a Stumbler. Part of the Guardians' job is to help these Stumblers find their place in the Inbetween world since they could never return to a normal life - but that's just the easy part.

There are enemies of the magical creatures and beings: the Hunters and the Red Mercenaries. They seek to exploit the magicals for their own greedy gain and mean only harm to them. Both groups consist mainly of humans, each with their own goals and are sworn enemies to the Guardians.

Thankfully, the Guardians, once chosen through a dream guide and led to the secret hideout are bestowed with a Companion to aid them in their eternal quest. Also with this newfound friend they receive a unique gift and protection from the magical effects of the Inbetween and Magical world.
Guardians are chosen at a young age, usually from 13 years old, when the mind is still fresh and the child still has the ability to believe in magic. It is a heavy burden for someone so young, which is why it is important for them to better their skills and forge a strong friendship with their companion so they can fight together and be stronger...

Character types:

Guardian: Ages start at 12/13 and upwards (yes, you can be as old as you like. Guardians live a long life if they're not killed - about 250 years). They start their journey via a dream (mostly) in which a guide will appear and lead them to a secret hideout (in the Inbetween world) where they are introduced to the life of a Guardian and then they have the option to accept or decline. If they don't, they'll just wake up and forget it ever happened. If they do accept they are given a companion and can return to the hideout for lessons after school (or weekends.if applicable). Sometimes there will be missions and they must always be weary of traps or ambushes by the enemies who wish to discover the location of the hideout. Guardians also live two lives, as they are still able to go back to the normal world.
(You may play as your Guardian and your companion, or share the roles between you and a friend - one as a Guardian, one as a companion if you like).

Stumbler: A normal human who accidentally enters the Inbetween world and is magically transformed. As said before, it could be a minor or major transformation, sometimes they merely get the gift of magic (if they're lucky). Other times they may be transformed into a magical creature or being, or a mix of them, etc. This change is permanent and cannot be reversed. They can also become Guardians if they gain enough trust.

Human: Well... yeah. Normal everyday human being. Yay. They don't know about magic except for the fairytales they were told as a kid. These fairytales coincidentally happened due to earlier sightings of magical creatures in parts where the dimension walls between the normal world and the Inbetween world were thin.

Hunter: Humans mostly, though they do sometimes hire "muscle" from the magicals who live in the Inbetween world. They're no more than poachers who prey on magical creatures and sell their wares to the black market (in both worlds). They had been in business with the Red Mercenaries before and got some tech to protect them from the magical effects when they enter the Inbetween world, but that business relationship was severed years ago.

Mercenary: Humans only. Kind of like a military operation but they have no affiliates with the government at all and is completely private and off radar. They wish to gain information and "research" from the magicals to better their own technology and they'll go at it no matter what with no regard or mercy for the magical beings and creatures. This of course means capturing magicals and doing tests on them like lab rats. They wish to conquer and destroy the magical (Inbetween) world.

Plot line:

There is a definite plot but if you think of anything you're welcome to suggest it. The big plot will be revealed later on as I'd like to give everyone to get comfortable with the roleplay and world(s).
For now the Guardians must protect the magicals and guide the stumblers, learn and improve their skills (either by practicing at the secret hideout or going for lessons at the little "school" nearby). They must also avoid capture and/or death and protect their companions.

Any questions or uncertainty, feel free to ask!

Action, drama, violence, romance is allowed but please don't overdo it. Also please don't make the characters speak in Swear... (e.g "you ****ing *****, I'll **** your ******** and ***** blah blah blah.) We are better than that, right?
You may have one of each character, or more, just be sure that you can handle them all.

Character sheet:

Character type: Guardian / Stumbler / Human / Hunter / Mercenary
Skilled at (or Guardian power):
Colour of Speech:

I'll post my characters in a bit :)
Name: Charlie
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Character type: Guardian/Stumbler
Appearance: Werecat - colours of a cougar. Character sheet (Although for missions she might change into something a little less bright XD )
Background: She had been called as a Guardian at the age of 14 and really loved it. Her companion was a Demonian Horse and they grew very fond of each other as friends. Unfortunately he was killed by the Hunters' leader and because they were in the Inbetween world at the time, when the bond broke she was transformed from a human into a werecat. She then quit her role as a Guardian, unable to get over her loss and studied to become a veterinarian. She lives in a little wood house in a nearby forest (which is in the Inbetween world) not far from the animal clinic.
Skilled at: Martial arts and her power is healing. Plus the added benefit of werecat senses, strength and agility.
Other: She has a staff with special gemstones that absorbs and stores mana energy to help her focus and strengthen her healing powers. It was given as a gift from the elves on a special mission and can also be used as a weapon.
Personality: A very calm nature but can be a bit hot-tempered at times. She's also the determined sort and will complete anything she starts. She has a soft spot for magical creatures and animals and doesn't like the human society very much.
Colour of Speech: Cornflowerblue

Name: Mordjen
Age: 2 months
Gender: Male
Character type: Magical companion
Appearance: Demonian Horse but just waaaaay smaller and cuter.
Background: His parents were killed by hunters and he was saved by Lucius and brought to Charlie to be her companion.
Skilled at: Shapeshifting into anything he sees but won't be able to do any of the magical stuff of whatever he changes into because he's immune to all magic and magical attacks and spells. As a baby there will always be a very soft suggestion of his normal pelt colour in a certain light. The lovely guy has 10 hands due to his wings being double-jointed and the fleshy parts can retract. Plus at the end of each of the long wing limbs he has 3 fingered "hands". He's also good at talking too much and getting much too easily excited over just about anything.
Other: His favourite form is a little kitten.
Personality: Very lively, excitable, curious, bubbly, brave (or just plain ignorant to danger) and loves to ask questions.
Colour of Speech: Lightgreen

Name: Lucius
Age: He says he's twenty five.
Gender: Male
Character type: Guardian guide
Appearance: African-American, bald head and white eyes (he was born blind). Looks a lot like the dude from The Matrix, but smoother. In the normal world he wears sunglasses and hides his power (explained below).
Background: The child of a Guardian and was born blind. He was taught in the ways of the Guardians from childhood and acted as a guide to them since the age of six. During the years that Charlie was a guardian he became a good friend of hers. He spends most of his time at the hideout and the nursery, and also teaches basic companion care to the young Guardians.
Skilled at: He has a little light that follows him and that he can control to illuminate his way. It is his "eyes" and basically everywhere the light from this thing reflects is where he can see. Through it he can also see through any illusions or magical traps.
Other: He also fights with a very plain staff but due to his power he's a surprisingly good warrior.
Personality: Has a very dry sense of humour but is very helpful and a core of stability. He likes to cheer people up.
Colour of Speech: Orange
I am loving this idea!
Two questions:
1) May I join?
2) Are there any limits to the Guardian's powers?
1) Of course you may!
2) There are some limits in the beginning, but later with experience the Guardians may acquire more abilities (As long as it doesn't make your character uber-powerful).
1) Thank you so much! I will put my characters in my first post, and delete this one later.
2) Alrighty :) Let me know if I need to change anything once I have my characters up.

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