Guardians Of Hope

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  1. In a land far away, a battle rages...

    Their enemy;


    In the far reaches of the Plane of Grandia, a battle rages. Battle's ensue as mortals struggle to defeat their enemy, known as The Guardians, in a ruthless battle of the ages. The Guardians, special mortals chosen by the gods to protect one of the 10 sacred elements, Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Lightning, Thunder, Death, Life,
    Flesh, and Ice. The elements where each described in the ancient tomes:

    The Fire Element is the Sword Arm of Darkness. Its polar opposite is Wind, though of course wind is needed for its exsistence. Fire consumes and spreads if not taken care of, and is the element of heat. It is also one of the elements comprised of a star, so of course one of the element of star pieces.

    The Water Element is the active magick of Light. Its polar opposite is Ice; and without it, it wouldn't exsist. Water is one of the main elements to create physical life. It is mostly contributed to the element of knowledge. Water moves and shapes itself by its surroundings; and is what makes up a liquid, which makes it the element of liquid as well.

    The Earth Element is the Passive Magick of Light. Its polar opposite is Flesh, but both are used to make physical beings and items. Earth is an element of nature, both cruel and generous, and brings about alot of things to the physical world, like mud, rocks, pressure, and all other sorts of things to numerous to list.

    Wind: The Wind Element is the Sword Arm of Light. Its polar opposite is Fire, but Wind is Fire's fuel for life. Wind is an element of nature, being cruel and generous, and brings alot of things to the physical world, like oxygen, gases, and helps liquid escape fire, and all other sorts of things to numerous to list.

    Lightning: The Lightning Element is the Shield Arm of Light. It is polar opposite is Thunder, but both occur in nature at the same time making them dependent on each other. Lightning is an element of speed. Lightning moves very quick and never stops, it also generates electricity, making it an element of electricity, and is one of the causes of fire, which leads to believe a connection between them.

    Thunder: The Thunder Element is the Shield Arm of Darkness. Its polar opposite is Lightning, but both occur in nature at the same time making them dependent on each other. Lightning is an element of sound. Thunder can produce echoes which may cause vibration and violent shakes, which is part of causes of earthquakes.

    Death: The Death Element is the crown of Darkness.
    This is the base element for the use of Necromancy.
    Its polar opposite is Life and without Life there wouldnt be a Death, but without Death Life wouldn't exsist either. Death is the controller of many elements like the element of war, element of corpses, element of weapons, but is by far not the most powerful element.

    Life: The Life Element is the crown of Light. This is the base element for the use of Healing. Its polar opposite is Death and without Death there wouldnt be a Life, but without Life Death wouldn't exsist either. Life is the controller of many elements like the element of peace, element of birth, element of shields, but is by far not the most powerful element.

    Flesh: The Flesh Element is the passive magick of Darkness. Its polar opposite is Earth, but both Flesh and Earth is considered as organic, making them both parent of the Organic Element. Flesh is everything on a body, from bone marrow to skin, and with it, you could change anything you wish of yourself.

    Ice: The Ice Element is the active magick of Darkness. Its polar opposite is Water, and without it, ice wouldnt exsist. Ice moves and is a cause of snow, making it the parent of the Snow Element. Ice is the lack of temperture and without fire, ice would rule all.

    One mortal served each of these elements;
    As word spread of which mortals were chosen for this gift between the general public, and news of how some guardians used the power for evil, the council of Grandia declared magick taboo and declared war on the Guardians. The guardians would then form up with the other guardians to protect themselves, thus, war broke out.

    This is not the story of how the guardians succeeded, but the story of their ruthless war...

    This roleplay has a limited pool of players, 10 guardians and knights who oppose the guardians, and a few government officials if possible.


    Your character's personality must coincide with the element with you have chosen.

    Guardian of...:
    Weapons or Special Attacks:

    General Character Sheet
    Weapons or Magic:

    All Guardians are available so far...
    Except for Lightning, Fire, and Ice.

  2. Hmm.. This is interesting. I might join.
    Name: Azon Xarxes
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Guardian of...: Lightning
    History: Not much is known of Azon's childhood, or of his birthplace. Though, it is known that as a boy he loved storms and the sight of lightning. At age 11, he was enraged at his parents when they were struck by lightning, this was when he began developing an odd control over all electric particles, gaining the ability to use lightning based attacks. He is the youngest Guardian.
    Weapons or Special Attacks: Uses a Trident. Has the ability to make an electromagnetic shield around a large distance of land. Can also charge his hands and trident with electricity to shoot beams of plasma and slice with it as well.
  4. I shall have my character up in a few hours OC. :D.
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  6. Name: Hiru wong
    Age: unknown as he doesn't like other's knowing
    Appearance: Hiru.jpg
    Guardian of...: Fire
    History: Hiru was always a distant person, Always left alone as people died easily and quickly under his hand. Through his past, he had always found a fascination with fire noticed something was rather peculiar when he placed his finger on fire and it didn't hurt. Hiru had to pull his finger away as, after a while of keeping it their, it did start to hurt and melt. His farther was a fire master and Hiru followed in his footsteps. Through past events, he was tortured and experimented on to become a super soldier but, escaped at the right time. Coming out with more than he wanted but, shortly afterwords regretted it.
    Weapons or Special Attacks: Snake eyes ( Magical sword ) Flame manipulation.
    when in demon form, shadow magic, Fel magic and Physical strength
  7. Name: Paxzel, the "Icy Manipulator"

    Age: 20

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Except with a frosted, icy-scythe, paler complexion and pale blue hair. Paxzel.jpg

    Guardian of...: Ice

    Paxzel had always been the reclusive type. He has little to no memory of his parents, because they died when he was little, leaving him to some relatives. Whatever memory he has of them isn't anything solid, only a warm touch, a comforting hug and loving kiss. Those were all memories he had of them.

    He did not treasure these memories.

    He was always the strange kid, so he learnt to keep his emotions to himself. Part of the reason was his attraction to other boys. Three years ago, he had his first relationship with a boy and he was very much in love.

    When his guardian powers manifested though, it wasn't long before the mortals turned on him. Only his boyfriend helped him through. But one day they were trapped. Scared, Paxzel unleashed his powers and killed everyone but himself in the room by freezing them to death.

    Even his dearest.

    Since then he has completely shut his emotions off, vowing to never again know laughter and tears.

    Weapons or Special Attacks: Scythe. He can also voluntarily freeze objects with a touch.

    Paxzel has a very cold and unfeeling personality. He has shut himself off from anyone trying to befriend him. He considers everyone who doesn't want to kill him at first glance simply casual acquaintances or pawns to use in the future.

    He considers the other guardians necessary allies to be able to stay alive.

    He is cold, uncaring, calculating and manipulative.
  8. Both Paxzel and Hiru are accepted. If you want, you can make a second human character.
    IC is also up.
  9. OC: Link to the IC?
  10. Okay, so, a few quick questions.

    How big is the landmass that the characters are on? Is the castle made of stone? And is it rundown, well-kept, or barely livable?
  11. Hey overcast it dawned on me that you said Fane was the guardian of wind in the other RP lol would my character Fane be ok to put in here or do you want me to make a new one?
  12. ... I'd like it if you made a new character.

    Malkuthe, the guardians live on a small isle about 15 miles away from mainland. The castle is made of stone, but it is crumbling on its own weight. This is what is looks like
  13. Picture is broken.

    Thanks. I just needed details to use in my post.
  14. Name: Hayate Toushiro
    Age: N/A
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Look at profile
    Guardian of...: Earth
    History: Unable to remember his past before the age of 13 Hayate became a mercenary at the age of 14, trained in various martial arts and weapons but on one job everything that could go wrong went wrong. Pushed to the edge of his abilities he discovered that he had an unnatural affinity of earth, creating great canyons swallowing his foes into the dark depths of the earth crushing them, feeding their bones and flesh to the earth.
    Weapons or Special Attacks: Twin hand forged katanas, Awakened Form, Earth Elemental.
  15. Haha ok it'll take me a little while to make one though
  16. Ok Hayate. I have two problems. First, you posted IC without approval of your character, and two, Your character sheet needs to be a bit more fleshed out before i can accept you. Please remove your IC post asap
  17. disregard my earlier post, hayate