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  1. NOTICE (open)
    Thank you for taking a look at this but before you take the spot please be aware of the following:
    • I have recently just returned to Iwaku. I do not suspect my replies to be slow but there is a small chance. If I do not reply within 24-48 hours please do not hesitate to message me.
    • This RP may be produced into a group RP. The reason why I am doing it as a 1x1 is to test the water's and build character along with taking it slow since I just came back. You do not have to join the Group RP if it grows.
    • I do have expectations; Proper grammar, fair English, Hungarian or German, Paragraphs (At least one but love two), and OOC Communication. **If there is a problem in the RP I would expect the person to message me so we can smooth it out and keep it going. But do not let these expectations stop you because even I have my moments where I make a mistake or can't produce a paragraph. I'm nice enough to at least help.
      **Hungarian or German RP's will be done through PM.
    • I have more than one version of the story, depending on the person (Or if more than one person is interested) the character may change.
    Harpyiai (open)
    Harpyiai or Harpies were spirits of sudden sharp gusts of wind. They were known as the "hounds" of Zeus and were dispatched by the God to snatch away people and things from the Earth. Harpies were depicted as winged woman, sometimes with ugly faces, or with lower bodies of birds. In modern era, Harpies are now unisex and portray more of a beautiful, unique figure.

    The Character (open)

    Name: Eudocia {To think, imagine or suppose. Ancient Greek}
    Age: 7,000 Years Estimated
    Gender: Female
    History: Eudoica comes from the Neolithic Period of Ancient Greece long ago. Being a loyal hound of Zeus's and the wondrous daughter of Thaumas, she has seen the brightest of days to the darkest of nights. When she was first born, Eudocia, was just a hatchling who would steal food from the blind Phineus as he was punished by the God's. A trickster Eudoica was in her younger years but Zeus seen potential in this wind spirit. She has gone from being a trickster to being a loyal warrior of the might God. Her father, Thaumas, was proud but soon realized he lost his daughter to Zeus. Through her training as a frightful warrior draped in the Raven's feathers, she fought creatures upon creatures yet still kept her trickster sense of things. Unfortunately as millenniums went past, humans eventually forgot about the Gods and the spirits/creatures that came with them. Eudoica vanished along side with Zeus, Thaumas, Elektra, Odin and others up to the Heaven's to never be heard of again. They became "mythology". But Eudoica was still alive watching over the skies hidden from view still stealing from the humans when none were to look. She has gone through many rebirths and when Zeus has put down his staff, Eudoica no longer carried the feathers of the raven.
    Modern Era, Eudoica heart still beats within the clouds as she has been renamed by the Gods before their disappearance. No longer was she Zeus's loyal hound but now she was known as Eudoica the Adored. Few hundred years back she had a rebirth that changed her appearance for good, no darkness scared her as she carried the body of a rare, unique peacock. Though she still carried out her duty as a warrior as the Modern Era has proved curious and caused a disturbance among the Heavens. Now not only shall she fight back creatures from the palace, but stop humanity finding out about the Gods existence...
    **More info upon request.


    Option 1: Eudoica failed to protect the High Palace where Zeus and the others remained "frozen" in time as she was shot out of the sky by mysterious dark creatures. Falling from the Heavens like an angel in slumber, she reaches towards the surface of the Earth and crashes into the house of a young human. Her presence on the Earth has caused trouble for humanity as Mythlogical creatures start to appear and harass the humans. Now Eudoica must regain her strength with the the help of the young human as they try to keep her under wraps from the curiosity of other humans and government. Can Eudoica recover properly and bring balance to the Earth alone once again or will the Mythlogical creatures be witnessed by the naked eye and cause the end of humanity and can she save the High Palace?

    Option 2: Eudoica has fallen from the heavens unknowingly and awakens in an unknown land (Earth). Out of the shock and fear she has caused a disturbance in a local town as people have reported that there is a large bird attacking citizens. A human catches her off guard and realizes it is no ordinary large bird. Now the human is eager to find out more but can they calm her down? What is she and why is she there of all places?

    Option 3 Undeveloped: A plot where the human is going to school for mythology and has grown close to finding the secrets of the Gods. Eudoica knows this and has swept down "kidnapping" the human so no one else can ever learn what the mortal has discovered.

    I'll answer any questions you may have or even work on a plot with you!
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