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  1. Need protection? Allow my holiness to protect you. See my page and post if interested.
  2. Well hello there. I'm D'evil the friendly neighborhood daemon. And you shall be my victim.

    Now, since you are an angel, would you be my guardian? Even though I'm a demon?


    Welcome to Iwaku. If you have any questions, ideas, need a partner, friend, etc, just ask me.
  3. Angelic Roleplayer

    A bright light burns your eyes. You close them, squinting, and as you do, you see an angel standing if front of you, smiling and extending his hand. "Hey. I am pretty new here. I have just came back from the Utopia of Heaven. Can you show me around? Just post on my page.""Will you take my hand? Or will you run away?"
  4. As much as I do not like to defend dark beings, being held to my contract of Heart and Soul, I must protect you, so the answer is a resonant yes.
  5. Well, if protecting a daemon is ok, then why not help a hellguard?

    Welcome to Iwaku, and well, might take a look at your page then.
  6. Oh good. That means that I finally have someone supernatural on the inside. I'm so tired of people trying to blow me up. Welcome to the forum.
  7. Hello and welcome to the forum.
  8. Welcome guardian. though I will not say I need much protecting, I will help out in any way shape or form.
  9. *narrows eyes at the angel* I don't trust you. Angels in Dwindling Glory are uptight and want to enslave humanity. God himself is a sadistic bastard who uses the angels to slowly enslave humanity... Hmm...

    Just kidding! Dwindling Glory is one of my roleplays. Welcome to Iwaku and I hope you enjoy your stay! Demons and monstrosities are aplenty this time of the year because of Iwakuween so I daresay many of us need the protection of someone holy as thou. Beware the rampaging plot bunnies though! No manner of power or ability can banish them, so as soon as you see them, run! Else be sacrificed to the gods of RP.

    If you need any help, don't hesitate to ask questions!
  10. Re: Angelic Roleplayer

    A guardian angel!

    Welcome to Iwaku, best Rp site on the nets!
  11. Hi there Sky! 8D Welcome to the site! I always like new bodyguards. >:3