GTA V, anyone?

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  1. Hey, there.
    Apparently you have been drawn in by my glorious title. Anyway, I'm looking for a Grand Theft Auto V roleplay. I've got one plot idea down below which you can look at and see if you're interested. You can check out my resume which I believe is filled out fairly well. It needs work but it does the trick. Anyway, I'll get down to my idea. I'm willing to do another idea if you have something else that you'd like to do.

    (Canon and OC/ or just OC)

    After the Union heist, everyone returns to their pretty much normal lives, just with a lot more money. Though, of course, Trevor starts getting bored and decides to expand his drug empire. And with expanding his reach comes new enemies. Finding himself in trouble, he turns to Michael and Franklin, and a few new friends.
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  2. Hey there, just stopping by to show interest in the 1st idea for a GTA role play. Should I shoot ya a pm?
  3. Yeah, sure!
  4. I am still looking. Very slightly updated as well.
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