Growing Up As A Directioner Girl

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  1. Harry Styles-Horan grinned as he spoke into the phone, "Yeah, ok. We'll be there in a few. See you later, Zayn." He hung up, and turned to his husband on his left. "That was Zayn - Taylor-Belle's just finishing up her recording at the studio, so she'll be home in about half an hour. It is so great that she is just as famous as us."

    Niall Horan-Styles smiled at his husband, "Yeah it is - now, where is our daughters?" He glanced up at the school building, from which their two girls -Neala, and Caitlin -were due to come out of very soon.
  2. Caitlin was a typical, 16 year old teenager. She had long, wavy, curly nutty brown hair like Daddy Harry and Big, blue eyes like Daddy Niall. She was very excepting of their love. She was bubbly and full of life but very emotional at times so it was hard being a teenager especially going through rough times in her life that she couldn't talk about with her dads but a women and she had no one so it was hard.

    She walked out of the front door of school to find her dads standing there, she was chewing extra chewing gum and texting her mates meet me at the club at 8 and she sent it, she walked up to them and said,"Hey."
  3. Harry smiled and hugged her, "Hey baby girl - guess what? Zayn and Elvira and Taylor-Belle are coming over tonight." He grinned down at her. He knew that having two dads meant that she was a bit lonely on the mother department, but he thought that maybe Taylor-Belle or Elvira could help out in that way - especially considered that Elvira was the one who had offered to be the surrogate that carried his and Niall's baby.

    Niall smiled and kissed the top of Caitlin's hair, "Hey, have you seen your sister?" He looked around for the blond mop of hair which was their oldest daughter.

    Neala Horan-Styles wandered out of the school building, her head buried in a book as usual. Harry grinned when he saw her - she was such a bookworm, just as she had been since they had adopted Neala from the orphanage.
  4. Caitlin face then lit up, and she said,"Yay, I love it when then come over but as long as I can go to the club to 8 to meet my mates, please,"she asked Daddy Harry and smiled. Then she answered daddy Niall,"I don't know, probably have her nose in a book."
  5. Harry smiled, "Yeah you can, but just as long as you take your phone with you, and you text us every hour to let us know that you are still alive." He ruffled her hair, and grinned. "Yeah, there is Neala there." He pointed the tall girl out.

    Neala walked over, and she smiled. "Hi there." She hugged Niall, and then Harry, and then turned back to her book.
  6. Caitlin groaned and replied,"Fine,"and she smiled at Neala and went back to texting.

    Niall hugged her tight and lead them to the car and they drove home.

    Once they arrived home, Caitlin ran to her room and shut the door behind which said, unless emergency don't come in and she got out her outfit for the night. It was a rainbow coloured belly top and blue skinny jeans with black wedges her favourite.

    Niall shouted up,"Girls, Their here,"he smiled and placed the plate with chocolate cookies in the living room.

    Zayn knocked the door and smiled, he was so happy to be seeing his nieces and his brothers again. He loved them very much and he was holding pavalova in his hands.
  7. Harry opened the door, and he smiled. "Hey guys - come on in." He grinned, and hugged Elvira and Taylor-Belle before bumping fists in a brotherly way with Zayn. "The girls are just getting ready."

    Taylor-Belle came in and she smiled widely, "I'll go and help them." She bounced upstairs, and knocked on Caitlin's door. "Caitlin! Can I come in?"
  8. Caitlin heard Taylor-Belle voice and smiled even though she was only in panties and her belly top, she replied,"Come on in sis,"and she grabbed her skinny jeans and pulled them up buttoning them and putting her black wedges on, she walked up to Taylor-Belle and smiled and gave her a big hug.

    Niall smiled at them and gave each of them a big hug including Zayn.

    Zayn smiled and fist bumped Harry and hugged Niall, he was excited to the girls especially Caitlin as he hadn't heard from her in ages since her 15 birthday when things changed and she was moody and all.
  9. Taylor-Belle came in, and she sat on the bed. "Wow, are you going out later?" She looked Caitlin up and down and grinned "I remember when I was sixteen, and I met Ziggy. Oh, by the way-" She held up her left hand, displaying the diamond ring on her finger. "He asked me to marry him!" She excitedly said.

    Elvira hugged Niall back, and she told the two guys, "Guess what? Taylor-Belle is engaged!" She was so happy for her daughter.
  10. Caitlin squealed and smiled, she gave Taylor-Belle another big hug. She asked her,"could you help me to find my other black wedge, please?, I'm so happy for you."

    Niall smiled and said,"That amazayn, I'm so happy for her."

    Zayn wrapped his arm round Elvira and smiled,"we are happy as long as she is happy, right?"
  11. Taylor-Belle hugged her back and smiled. "Thanks - and I think I see your wedge on top of the wardrobe." She pointed.

    "Yeah." Elvira replied with a smile. "I mean, her and Ziggy have been dating since she was 16, so we trust them together."
  12. She smiled and went and shouted,"Found it,"then she walked downstairs and into the living room with a smile on her face and she sat in her usual sit in the corner.

    "I know,"Zayn said and gave her a light kiss on her lips smiling.

    Niall eyebrows rose as he saw Caitlin's outfit but he knew Harry is the more protective so he would let him do the talking.
  13. Taylor-Belle followed her downstairs, and sat on the edge of the seat where her parents were sitting.

    Harry's eyes bugged out when they saw her, and he sternly said, "Caitlin Horan-Styles, you are not going out dressed like that."
  14. "And why not? I have my own right to wear what I please,"Caitlin argued.

    Zayn tried not to laugh and keep a straight face.

    Niall let Harry do the talking.
  15. "Because, you are revealing too much, and it isn't suitable." Harry firmly replied. "Just go and change, please." He wasn't usually uptight - that was Niall's job - but he was protective of his daughters, and he sometimes was firm with them both - well, Caitlin mostly, because Neala was quiet and reserved.

    Elvira smiled, and put in, "I think she looks great."
  16. "Thanks Elvira and no I won't change because I'm going now,"as she looked at the clock and it was nearly 8. She walked out the door and down to the club.
  17. Meanwhile in the club, a tall lad with hazel eyes and a head of curly brown hair lounged against the bar, and he looked around the room. All these girls was the same - slutty, and bitchy behind their friends backs. He wanted something else - someone who would care about him, and what he liked.
  18. Caitlin walked into the middle of the dancefloor with her mate and started dancing to the song which was one shot by JLS, one of her favourites. She didn't care about anything else except tonight which she was going to have fun.
  19. Jasper Hale glanced around, and his eyes finally caught the girl who was dancing seductively in the middle of the dancefloor - exactly in the middle. He grinned, and made his way over to her - time to introduce himself. He stood behind her, and wrapped his arms around her waist as he danced behind her, and whispered in her ear, "Hey there cutie. I'm Jasper, but just call me Jaz."
  20. Caitlin giggled as she felt someone hands on her waist and, when he spoke she knew it was a guy. "Hey I'm Caitlin and you can call me whatever you want hottie,"she said continuing to shake her hips to the sides.