Grover's High Hill Estate

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Seem good yah?

  1. Sure, lets get started.

  2. I'm joining, but I have some ideas to possibly make it better. (Please pm me the ideas!)

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  3. It needs some work, I'll consider joining. (Please pm me any ideas you have.)

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  4. It's interesting idea, but not for me.

  5. I'm more interested in Voyage for Zaril

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  1. This isn't Jail.
    It's not an Orphanage.
    Not a Correctional Facility either.
    It's just a home.
    A home for those who've lost their way.

    Welcome to Grover's High Hill Estate!
    Local farm and Boy's Home.

    This is mostly a yaoi role-play! (guy x guy)
    It is a relaxed intermediate roleplay.
    There is no plot as of late.
    Posting time is relaxed.
    It is semi-open world.
    Grover's Estate is a farm and boy's home. Meaning it is a place where boys from the ages of 8 to 18 go to build character, stay out of going to jail, simply have no where to go, or have no family to take them in.
    So far I've only made it a slice of life type of role-play, but I don't mind spicing things up to make it more interesting.

    If you have any ideas for this please let me know! Depending on the amount of people interested I will either choose this role-play over this one:
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  2. I'm very interested ^~^
  3. Alright! Please keep in mind that if Zaril gets more people interested I will be doing that role-play instead. However I wouldn't mind making this a 1 x 1 with you if that is the case.
  4. Okay, I'll keep that in mind~
  5. oh gosh, Vio.. I also like the look of this one to! :] why must your rps be so awesome? :] I can't pick between them.. I'm interested in both of them :] was..okay to post here, right? if not I can delete this post :]
  6. It's fine! So far Zaril has more people interested in it, and I really only need one or two more people and I'll make the thread and group for it. *hint hint nudge nudge*

    We can still do this one too. The three of us can rp in a PM for this. Kind of like a one on one only there is three of us.
  7. coolio! *grins at hint* I really like Zaril to, so I just had to reply to that as well :]

    and it would be awesome to do this one as well! *high fives*
  8. *knocks on the door and peeks head round*


    C-Can I join? I heard 'Grover' and was like: "I'm in."

    I don't wanna crash your party though if you want it to just be the three of you.

  9. Um...well... I was about to kind of close grover off but I don't see why we can't make it a four person party. I am going to be straight with all of you though that I will not be as active with grover now that Zaril has become more popular.
  10. That's OK.

    If it's easier for you to close this one then I'm not going to make you keep it open if the others agree.

    I'm happy with whatever you decide. :)​
  11. Yeah. I think I am going to close grover and go with my original idea of making it a one on one. So keep a look out for my one on one thread that I'll be making soon~
  12. I did have a character idea for this... X3 Buuuut... I dunno. o.o
  13. *coughs* if you're making it a 1 to 1 I'd still be interested in doing it with you, if you don't mind of course :] so I'll keep an eye out- and this time I'll be asking you what pictures you'd prefer :]

    and hi, Gladis :]
  14. Hi, Yumi. ^^
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