INTEREST CHECK Group Adventure Roleplay.

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  1. I have a Roleplay of a strong character journeying through a new dark land, taking an old ex-apprentice with him. The storyline is that they are going to recruit a certain type of Demons for a job. I need dark Fantasy Roleplayers, there is no restrictions to any 'certain' path the Roleplay will take. You could encounter them and fight... You could point them astray from their path... You could join or do whatever. On an adventure Roleplay, your bound to run into strange encounters. Anyone interested?
  2. Id like to be the ex-apprentice.

    I've been on here for a while and it would be great if other's could join in as well.

    The more the merrier i presume :P
  3. I can probably participate as well
  4. Sounds great, What type of character would you join in as if I may ask? Alignment wise and the like.
  5. Hmmm... Could I create a monk?
  6. You can create whatever character you wish, I myself have a Chaotic Neutral aligned character. Would be intriguing how the result in a meeting would go, :)
  7. Alright! Just let me know when the sign up thread is up
  8. Sorry I'm new to this specific site, by Sign-up Thread you mean the start to the Roleplay correct?

  9. Indeed I do.
  10. I have quite a bit of experience in making and directing Roleplays, Are there any questions you might like to ask? Forgotten Hero? Harma?
  11. When do you think the sign up thread will be up?
  12. I shall enter as someone they meet upon their journey. Though undecided whether I will join their adventure or not. I shall let you know as soon as I decide.
  13. I'll give people a while to see this thread, maybe a day or two. I'm really wanting to kick-start this Roleplay, so there won't be much waiting around :)
  14. It's interesting to see the people who are interested :D

    I can see if some more want to join if you want Arlemar :P
  15. Sounds good to me, What are peoples recommendations upon how long to wait? Do people wish it to start now? sooner? or perhaps later?
  16. I think you should wait a while. Give people time. Maybe till tomorrow.
  17. I agree. Wait a while until you start it seems a lot of people could be interested.
  18. Sounds interesting. I guess you can count me inn :3
  19. Awesome, I never expected so many people to be interested :D This site really is better than others :P