Grimsburg: Age of Ruin

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The once sprawling metropolis wasn't always called Grimsburg. No, in fact it was once called by a far pleasanter name. A name that is lost among the annuals of history and on the tongue of its citizens. This city housed many busy people going on about their daily lives but any trace of that life is long gone in the ashes from a yesteryear. The glorious skyscrapers of an industrious civilization lay in pieces, mocking the memory of their creators.

What is known is that two millennium has passed and neither faction has scored a decisive victory. The city of Grimsburg now serves as a coliseum where three factions fight for ownership over the ruin city. When this war started is a mystery but a countless amount of blood from each faction soil the ground of this once thriving pinnacle of human achievement. The sound of guns firing ring throughout the entire territory while grisly howls sing their predatory melody in the moonlight. The subtle shifting of shadows mark the descent of the nighttime predator upon its unfortunate victim. A carnival of carnage begins at dusk and doesn't end until the first ray of sunshine rains down on the crypt of a city below. The den of Death resides on this battleground.

The Humans valiantly try to stave off the creatures of the night in hopes of one day being able to populate their once thriving metropolis and bring back the glories of the human race in this age of decay. The Vampires relentlessly fight back with dreams of reclaiming the sacred land that was stolen from their ancestors who died at the hands of Humans. Were-creatures prowl the city both at day and at night with the thirst of vengeance for the centuries of mistreatment when they were tools for war of both the Humans and Vampires. Each faction has their rallying cry and their purpose to fight until only one faction's resolve defeats the rest.

Who will you follow into the pits of Hell and back?

Character Skeleton

Faction: (Human, Vampire, Were-creature)
Role(optional): (Sniper, Scout, Spy, etc.)
Relationship: (if you have a relationship with a player. Father, Mother, Sister, Brother, Twin, Cousin, etc.)
Appearance: (Were-creatures have both their human form and their were-creature form.)
Powers: (If Vampire, limited to two powers; Werewolves may have one power; Humans may only have psychic related abilities[i.e. Pyrokinesis, Telepathy, etc.] but isn't required and can only have one.)
Weapon(s): (Any weapon ranging from firearms to spears and swords is fine. No laser weaponry however. Can include pictures but isn't required.)
Misc: (Anything you would wish to add to your character.​
Name: Ray
Faction: Human
Role(optional): Supplier and sniper
Age: ...
Gender: Female
Personality: Happy and carefree
Powers: Telekinesis
Weapon(s): Riffle. One katana and two daggers
Background: After a famine destroyed her village her mother, the village wise woman, was accused of witchcraft and was burned at the stake. Ray fled from her village and began traveling as a gypsy, using her natural talents of fortune telling to scrape by. Died saving a young man from a fire, and was forced to walk the earth forever.
Name: Sage

Faction: Were-fox

Role(optional): spy

Relationship: right hand man to Luna

Age: 23 (may change, but she will look 23....)

Gender: female

Personality: A trickster, who is sarcastic, irresponsible, and a bit reckless. But she is very loyal to friends.


-her human appearance: she has a reddish brown hair color, which is on the longer side and a bit uncontrollable. She is average height being 5'5. She has green eyes.


-her were-form:


Powers: illusion, able to create illusions on small scales to distract enemy/whoever she is trying to distract for short period of time. Does not work on large scale group 2-3 people at most but even then it drains a lot of her strength to do, though she would never show it.

Weapon(s): Has two daggers and a number of small knives hidden on her body. Like in her boot and strap on side of leg.

Background: She has known Luna since they were kids. Sage being a orphan since before she can remember, probably orphaned for what she had become, was looked after by Luna even at that young age. That created a trust between them that would be hard to break for Sage would do practically anything for Luna. Then she was lost among the chaos of a battle, and survived by her self for awhile. When she found a few other were-creatures they banded together to survive. Somehow among the years Sage became the leader of the small group, though everyone had a say in their group. When she heard of Luna uniting were-creatures she was the first to join, and rekindled the friendship with Luna again.

Misc: none... for now

Faction Leaders

Human Leader

Were-Creature Leader


Were-creature Form

Vampire Leader

I'll be playing the faction leaders. If anybody would like to have a relationship to one of the faction leaders, please ask me and tell me your ideas through either pms or IMs. Sage is Luna's right hand man and most trusted aide and dearest companion. Also, I will hopefully get some more info up that might help fill in the gaps. But feel free to keep the characters coming :D Anybody want to play a were-squirrel whose role is scout by chance?

Karl 'Zerker' Highland
Faction: Werewolf
Role: Solider
Relationship: Luna's personal Bodyguard
Age: 30
Gender: male

Split, kind and caring normally, bloodthirsty in combat. Both facades share the same keen tactical mind and ability to plan and think on his feet.

As a human he is a tall and slim with dirty brown hair tied in a long braid that falls to the middle of his back. His eyes are a soft brown and his face is kindly and just starting to show small signs of age. He is normally wearing a trench coat and armed with his shield and sword slung over his back and his revolver in an old leather holsters on his hip. Beneath the trench coat he wears the breastplate of a Roman Legionary and has a high crested helmet to match, giving him a strange clash of modern and ancient. As a werewolf however his form is much different. He towers over most other were creatures of his species his body nothing but hard packed muscle and rage. His fur is the same deep brown as his hair in his human form but his belly is white and his eyes change color to a bright blue.

Near- invulnerability, currently it is unknown if anything can fully harm or impair him but mental attacks have shown some effectiveness. during a full moon he goes nearly fully insane. He has normally been restrained during such times or set loose as some type of Werewolf atom-bomb, unable to be harmed by any mortal weapon or controlled by any mental attach during the time but unable to see friend from foe.

A huge shield that is attached to his forearm by thick leather straps. The shield is pointed at the tips and held in such a way that it can be used as a punching weapon if need be. His sword is fairly long, styled to look like a Spatha. He also has a large single action revolver that appears to be an older model Smith and Wesson model 3 44.

Karl was born in a hole, like most werewolves' he was born in a den with his parents around, his family, his pack to watch over him during the dark times. It was bad back then, the pack was small and weak, called the highlands due to their tendency to stick to the rooftop ruins of the towering buildings that were once the offices of Grimsburg. Karl came to maturity learning to think quickly on his feet, knowing if the floor would collapse under him or if it was safe to jump from one building from the next, in that way his mind was sharpened, it grew more over the years as he was able to find books of war. The tactics of Napoleon, Alexander the great, and Erwin Rommel became his teachers. The books of Julius Creaser and Scipio Africanus molded his thoughts. As he learned he helped bring his tribe to glory, using their strengths to great effect. With shield and sword and rifle he took the highlands and absorbed other tribes, molding them into one cohesive entity under his invincible hide.

Over the years he grew a reputation for his ferocity in battle, how he would lead his troops form the head, wading into combat like a god of war, shrugging off every single wound they tried to inflict on him. His divine wrath kept other tribes at bay, fearful of his strength and the power his people had shown in combat. He brought many under his power, keeping them in lien and leading them to glory.

He was proud of what he had created, one of the larger tribes, rivaling that of Randolph Darkfang, and although he had plans to conquer the man they were interrupted by the arrival of Luna. He had only heard rumors of the girl, the one who had planned to unite all the warring tribes into one big army against all enemies, to avenge the were-creatures and point their rage towards those who had earned their wrath instead of having it constantly pushed in on themselves. He let her enter the camp alone and stood before clad in armor with his shield and sword, looking like a modern day roman general. Then in a gesture that sent shocks through the crowd he kneeled before the girl, giving her his sword and the loyalty of his tribe, doubling her strength in one fell swoop. People still whisper of his reasons, and suspicions remain high as to why he gave her his army, why the man did not fight her, but they are reasons only known to him and her.

Being her personal bodyguard he has seen her mercy at work, watched as she accepts any and all into her ranks. He remains silent on all matters, looming beside her most times like a silent statue, acting as a general adviser on tactical matters and leading bands into war if need be, but that to him is not his primary function. Working in the dark he deals out death to those who are not deserving of Luan's mercy, those who might dethrone the girl, that is why he considers his primary function. Wail all suspicion remains on him to be the one to take her place he works silently for her benefit, killing those she cannot bring herself to and those who only wish her harm. He refuses to let one drop of were blood fall upon her hands not ever letting her kill a single were-creature for fear of the wars starting all over again if people were to lose faith in her. Karl Highland, the great Berserker, the angel of death, eternally suspect but eternally loyal.

-Speaks fluent Latin and tends to slip it into his every day speech.


Name: Charles 'Doc' Reinhold
Faction: Human
Role: Doctor
Relationship: Acts as Amaya's companion, translator, doctor and at times bodyguard.
Age: 23
Gender: Male

Personality: Doc is a sarcastic dick but that is how he copes with the world. Being a doctor he has seen the worst of the wounds that the supernatural creatures can inflict upon humans and it has given him a jaded outlook on life. He is a kind and caring man once you get past his façade however, it is why he is a doctor, he enjoys helping.

Appearance: A well-built man Doc stands average in most respects. His hair is cropped short and a soft brown and his blue eyes seem all the softer begins his rimless glasses. He is well toned ad normally tends to be in a simple dress shirt and pants, sometimes with a vest over it, sometimes not depends on his mood during the day. Beneath the clothing is a somewhat toned body, not a fighter by any means but no slouch, the doctor has seen a day's work in his life time.

Powers: Biological Apportation, basically limited teleportation for biological matter. The ability is truly frightening in combat due to his medical training, allowing him to teleport vital organs from inside a person at touch. It also has good applications for removal of tumors if he happens to know the location

Weapon(s): Aside form an assortment of surgical equipment he has on hand at all times he carries a FN, Five-Seven semi-automatic handgun, flashlight lower mount and 20 round standard magazine.

Background: Doc was born under the oppressive boot heel of the supernaturals, as most humans were, in his case it was in the salve pens of the Highlands tribe of werewolf's. He watched a warmonger come to power and begin conquests of the surrounding were wolf tribes. He had to help string up the dead as warnings, humans, vampires, other were's, it was sickening to him. Being a weak child he never had the stomach for such work but earned it over the years of handling the dead. He began to look them over, his keen mind taking in the anatomies of humans and other creatures, seeing how they died, wondering how to treat them, how they could have lived if they had some mercy from the latin speaking monster who now ran the highlands.

When he was 15 he took a chance and escaped, hiding himself among the dead on a battlefield when the slave masters were not looking, simply being left there when the war party moved back to the homeland. As he wandered he was eventually picked up by a human patrol and brought to their base where he first met a young Amaya Being unable to speak she became a good companion for him, she never bugged him, never asked stupid questions, never questioned his actions as he took up the medical field… they hit it off great. AS she grew he became her translator of sorts, acting as both a big brother and protector of sorts.

Over the years their bond grew and he has always remained at her side, a confidant and doctor, treating her and other's wounds when they come back from battle. He had heard stories of the latin speaking wolf becoming a bodyguard of she who now leads the werewolf's, a fitting place for him, Doc's old overlord, that sickening warmonger now protecting something. Although he wished to heal he still had dreams of taking that which the wolf protects away from him, and with his power he planned to, let him feel the pain he felt as a slave… but that was for another time, and a ways down the road.

Currently he works as a simple doctor, keeping his special ability secret from most people due to not finding a true use for it in his medical profession, it was a way to kill and although he had killed before, and was sure he would kill again, he did not ever look forward to it. He was content where he was, at his 'little sister's' side.

Misc: -As a doctor he hates killing with a passion, but is more than willing to do it if the situation calls for it.
-he tries to keep his ability secret, normally never using it unless he needs to.
Awesome more people :) We still need humans and definitely need more vampires. Also, female were-squirrel who is a mechanic or a tinkerer of some sort is wanted :) Also, a were-tiger doctor is wanted as well.

Weretiger Doctor(human form)

Weretiger Doctor(were-creature form)

Were-squirrel Scout(Human form)

Were-squirrel Scout(Were-creature form)
Name: Amara
Faction: Vampire
Role(optional): puppet of Fane's
Relationship: Fane's concubine
Age: 162 but looks young because she is a vampie :)
Gender: female
Personality: Needy, clingy, and loyal to Fane. She pretty much is his puppet though doesn't like when Fane pays attention to another female. In a sense she is possessive of him.

Powers: She has the rare ability to control a persons mind not completely of course just to change a memory here or there, and if you have a strong enough mind you might be able to break free of her control completely, though this rarely happens. Has other basic vampire characteristics but mind control is her strong point, other then that nothing special.
Weapon(s): If she goes out in battle, which rarely happens she usually caries a gun with her, but if she fights she prefers using her fangs and sharp nails.
Background: When Fane came into the picture and took over the vampires she always supported him. She proudly took his side as his concubine. Even her family was proud of her to get such a high ranking in vampire society. It gave her some power over the lesser vampires.
Misc: none
You know, that pic creeped me out when I first saw it >.> lol Yay! We have a vampire ^^

Fane is a psychotic or even just a sociopath that has no remorse or regard for his actions. He became leader of the Vampires by drainning the blood of the previous leader which in turn ended the existence of the old generation vampires, leaving the young generation(200 years old and below) to lead the future of the vampires. Fane treats Amara like cattle or even worst than that. He uses her jealousy to help secure his agenda. Fane has no problem eliminating a clan member if they disobey him or just displease him. Despite being psychotic, he is an eccentric individual. Due to have drinking the blood of elder vampires on more than one occasion, he has develope a rather gruesome power that allows him to manipulate the blood in any creature's body also this elder sanguine flowing through him allows him to alter the space around him. For example, he can morph the particles in the air to rid the area of oxygen though when he uses this power, he becomes severely weakened and vulnerable. He is the oldest of the young generation of Vampires; age 189. His very presence instills fear to those around him.

Luna is reserved and benevolent, although she ia duty bound, she cares for her fellow kin. Before Luna became the were-creatire leader, the various were-creatures were in a state of civil war. A true leader to rightfully lead them and help guide their vengeance, could not be peacefully decided. The were-creatures had spilt into warring tribes each to their own particular were-creature. On this battle ground, Luna reluctantly fought even though her wolf pack disown her due to her dreams of unifying all were-creatures under the same flag. She fought against a famed werewolf leader named Randolph Darkfang and bested him in combat, winning the loyalty of his bodyguard, Karl. And on this same battlefield, Luna had met up with her childhood friend, Sage, and the two immediately rekindle their strong friendship. At the age of 18, Luna succeeded to unify all were-creatures under one flag. Now at the age of 23, Luna leads her faction in the depths of Grimsburg to find justice for the misdeeds done upon all the were-creatures through the years. She isn't blood thirsty like the crazed Fane or too young to bear the responsibility of being a leader like Amaya. Her power is Herculean strength both in and out of her were-creature form.

Amaya is a quiet young girl of 16 years of age and almost acts like a statute. Her uncle was the leader of the Human faction before her however when he died in battle against Fane, the mantle of leadership fell on her shoulders. Her Uncle was the father she never had and she was the daughter he needed in his life. All the skills of survival and marksmanship she had learned through her Uncle. The gun she wields is the gun that her Uncle died with in his arms. Amaya valiantly proceeds through the days trying to find Fane to avenge her Uncle and to make his dreams of Grimsburg being once again in peace and belonging to humans, a reality.
I'll play your were-tiger.
I have an idea that since there is no sign of the were-creature when they are human. Let me know if you want me to scratch it.
I suppose I should probably post the damn character sheet.

Name: Kai
Medic for both Humans and Were-creatures, Spy for Were-creatures
Being so trusted by Amaya, they are like siblings.
Having saved Luna from the brink of death, he has earned her trust and become almost like a friend to her.

A quirky, fun-loving kind of guy. He likes to be funny even in the most serious of situations. He doesn't like being too serious. It makes him feel more and more solemn, and solemn doesn't feel right to him.
Human form

Were-creature form

Minor Healing (aka- Can heal most injuries, but for anything too complicated he must become the Doctor and use his knowledge of the medical field to set bones, restitch large wounds, etc.)
M9 9mm SemiAutomatic Pistol
He carries two of them in holsters on this thighs just within reach.

<img src="" height="100" width="120">
Having been a fighter and medic of lesser skill during the civil war and being almost useless, he found any medical books that could possibly still be found and studied hard to become the extraordinary medic that he is today. Then he volunteered to spy on the humans, stating that they would be more trusting of a medic like him than most others in their group. He was off use to them, too, after all. But his plan began to backfire as he became closer and closer to Amaya and some of the other humans. He began to see their views as his own, and started withholding information from Luna. Not the major stuff, like tactical positions and the like, but enough that he felt easier about his new relationship with the humans.
I will get around to changing the backstory for Luna. However in the meantime, I am looking for more players. To help stir interest and give ideas for potential players, here are some suggestions.

Potential Were-creature Characters


(Human form and Were-creature form)


(Were-creature form)


(were-creature form)

Potential Vampire Characters




Potential Human Characters



I would be interested in joining. I have an idea for a vampire or I could do the were-squirrel. What do you need more?
If you wish to play the were-squirrel feel free to ^^ I could use more vampires however at this point I won't mind if there are more were-creatures. I been wanting someone to play the were-squirrel and even the were-bear. But don't limit yourself to what I wish and whatnot. If you want, you can play both.
I changed my mind I decided to go with the were-squirrel instead. So here she is.

Name: Kira
Faction: Were-Squirrel

Role(optional): Scout
Relationship: (Working On it)
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Personality: Very upbeat and cheerful, easily distracted and enthusiactic about almost everything. She talks fast but knows when to shut up. She is the type of person who likes to see how things work. She is extremly interested in techology and loves to take things apart and make something better out of the peices. She also has a fixation with explosions. She is easily embaressed about certian things but will talk your ears off for hours about others. She does not get certain types of humor often taking sarcasm for truth. She is fast paced often jumping from one idea to the other and very disorganized.
Human Form
Were Form

Powers: She can animate or control almost any techology. Guns, Computers, Cars ect... The bigger it is however the harder it is for her to keep control and using this on large objects leaves her drained and vulnerable.
Weapon(s): Two small handguns and a few smoke grenades
Background: She was raised by her mother who worked as a scientist. She never knew her father. She was bitten when she was ten and her mother was nothing but supportive. Kira worked with her mother in the lab developing diffrent types of techology. Her mother woked in chemistry and was on the verge of discovering something important when she died mysteriously. Kira was seventeen when this happened and for the past two years she's joined forces with other were-creatures joining thier faction as a scout and inventor.
Misc: None.
well um i'm cool with him but um this may just be me but seems like you want to take a yaoi approach and um I don't do yaoi >.< but if it is just me then I apologize for misinterpreting your character. Also we may not be starting awhile since i want each faction to have a pretty decent size party :) Also please pm me if you want your character to have a relationship with any of the faction leaders that or IM me. The three faction leaders have dwelt in Grimsburg for basically ever and had no inclination to venture from its ruin walls. Anyways I apologize if I am being abrasive.

Edit: also if you want to play the were-squirrel, Ravenhart, I wouldn't be opposed to a yuri subplot between her and Luna. ^^
I changed ideas. The idea of a Yuri sub-plot tempted me. ^.^
awww i want a love subplot X3 meh i get eternal suspicion and cloak and dagger stuff i am content.
@krolik: who needs romance when you're a shadow agent enforcing the will of Luna behind the scenes ^^

Also a note on were-creatures: On a night of a new moon, your were-creature form is suppressed while on a night of a full moon, your were-form is forced out and you have to battle Lunacy(the primal urge to enter a state of berserk).

Note on Vampires: On a night of a harvest moon, your powers increase in potency.

More humans and vampires please ^^
Are the powers we have due to our were wolf forms suppressed as well? cause well being able to be damaged every once in a while is a nice trait, and is it vice versa being forced into the lunacy, aka do power's increase? cause i could really use that as a better weakness then the pryokenissis.