Grims tale? mix up

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  1. Welcome to the world of Grims tales. PS BE COLORFUL

    Grimm sister: Raven Grimm (Aliceinwonderland)
    Grimm brother: (if anyone wants to be a Grimm)
    Little red:
    Hansel:* (or you can be both of tham)
    snow white:
    Little pig 1:*
    Little pig 2:*
    Little pig 3: *
    Big bad wolf:

    ect....(I forgeten some of tham! Sorry)

    *they can be older you know i like tham to be but if you dont want tham to it ok*

    Everything happend so fast everyone change. They are stuck in this world. no one remaber them so they live in the humen world with us. they live among us. every thing is made for a reson. Humens don't know who truly watched tham it the Grimm. they watch everyone to keep the world safe from evil.

    what fairy tale you are from:
    what you look like:
    theme song:(Youtube and you can have more then 1)
  2. name: Raven Grimm.
    age: 15
    what fairy tale you are from: All of tham
    what you look like: [​IMG] this is when she is out and happy. sad and unhappy witch is when she in bed [​IMG]
    theme song:
    mostly this is her theme song---> and
    others are just themes song

    likes: singing, danceing, living, and beening happy.
    dislikes: killing death and been sad or others been sad
    personality: she a kind preson she meet all of the people of "The Grimm" she a loving preson and a caring one too.
    Bio:she almost died at age 5. Car actsodent. Her mother and father died and were the ones who started it. She was in the hospitle for 5 weeks and she can walk till they get her new legs. She never left the Grimm before. She on a weel chair.
  3. So... are they stuck in a fantasy world? Or a modern world... because Raven was in a car accident... so that makes it sound modern... but this is in the fantasy category...

    Also - Can I reserve Little Red Riding Hood?