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  1. Salute, ladies and gentlemen, I am A Man With Words, and as per my name, I have certainly got quite the way with my words. I like to envisage myself as a person whom features a nice, healthy, and quite able vocabulary. But that's not all I lust for, no, that's not it by a long shot. I have quite the fondness of stories, tales, and the basic fable, that is why I have taken up the task of searching the internet for a fitting place, this seems to be such a place.

    Therefore I am now in your hands.
  2. Hallo man who used a lot of words to describe himself! >:3 *gigglegiggle!!*

    Welcome to the site! <3
  3. Thank you, Diana whom isn't actually a nighttime predatorial bird, most commonly referred to as an Owl, how's things?
  4. Well hello to you Mr. Verbose!

    I hope you are able to find good stories and a good fit with this site!
  5. Welcome to the community A Man With Words. I hope you enjoy your stay.