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  1. Hey all =)

    I'm not exactly new to this forum however I forgot my pervious e-mail and user account I registered with so I decided to create a new one *cringe*

    Anyhow, I'm Ic3Queen and go around by this 'pen name' by now which was inspired by Elsa from Frozen because I tend to relate a lot with her in various aspects.

    Most of the details about my roleplaying style, and some other notes can be found in my profile in the 'information' section even though it's long. I'm telling you from now. However it's good to note what works out for me and what does not, and I've highlighted a few details about some important issues/ideas as well.

    My roleplay history is long. I've been roleplaying for the past five years ( with occasional intervals for personal reasons) been on various roleplay sites and also made use of FB, for some roleplaying accounts [​IMG] - So yeah, I'm quite dedicated and serious overall.

    Besides roleplay I am of course a writer and have some works that are seriously undergoing some serious editing.

    On a side note, those of you who want to actually RP as Draco Malfoy please DO hit me up I've been looking for someone wanting to take on that role 'seriously' in like forever!! - preferably male please.

    I of course do not have anything against making new friends and/or acquaintances provided, that the intents are somewhat genuine, however roleplay ( since this is a roleplaying site) is always top on my priority list.

    As for plot requests and such, I don't actually really have any, except that I'm craving someone who is somewhat dedicated and can plot characterization well on a psychological, S/M related themed RP.
    I have a few ideas, but we could brainstorm something together if you're up for it. I'm also looking for someone who is willing to play a role of an older brother to a younger sister in a serious plot as well. So those of you who are interested can currently submit their interest forward to me - that is what I'm really craving, obviously you're free to submit whatever you like, besides what I've mentioned.
    I'm also running after some medical themed related kind of RP's ( provided you know what you're talking about of course)
    I also tend to really like teacher/student kind of RP's. But I prefer taking up a student role usually just so you know.

    I'm not sure what I've missed out, but please do check out my 'info' section before messaging me at all, it will help you understand me better I guess.

    See you all around and hope to hear from you


    Ic3Queen =)
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  2. [​IMG]
    *Jumps in behind ic3Queen* Hey there! I am Naruto Uzumaki and I welcome you to Iwaku! Where insanity has no limits and many world collide. *hands you a Ninja star with card attached to it that contains my name and information* anytime you wanna chat or rp, let me know.
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  3. Well then, welcome back. 8D
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  4. Holy hell!! *screeches in utter shock* eventually giggles and takes the card with a slightly raised eyebrow replying with smile, "Why thank you, I'll surely keep that in mind, same goes for you, you know, and also thank you for the welcome, Naruto"

    @Diana, thank you for the welcome =)
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  5. Anytime my friend!
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