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  1. Greetings dolls, I am Creep. It will be my pleasure to acquaint myself with all of you.
    I have some experience with roleplaying and I enjoy writing and… attempting to draw.
    I have been listening to an awful lot of Nirvana lately, Kurt certainly had a way with words.
    You'll have to forgive me, I'm absolutely horrid at introductions. I will stop before this becomes a string of babbling.
    Again, lovely writing you dolls, have a wondrous day.
  2. Welcome, Creep! C'mon in! Please accept this complimentary welcome balloon. *Balloon* It's a pleasure to meet you. *Bows* Oh, and I like your signature too. ;)
  3. Hello Creep, welcome to Iwaku.

    Although I think your signature might be backwards... /:
  4. H-Hello Creep...
    *looks away shyly*
  5. Why thank you. I shall treasure this always X3
  6. You are quite right. I have corrected this. I don't function well on my current sleep schedule.
  7. Hello Doll and many thanks *tip of the hat*
  8. Hi there Creep, welcome to the community! :D