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  1. hello new here hope to have fun
  2. Brief, very brief... Alas Welcome to Iwaku, enjoy your stay and ask any senior member if you need help.
    Wait... How was Echo of all things free to make as an account name. *menacing glare*
  3. thanks and sorry not much for greeting, quite shy >.>
  4. Yeah, give it a while, soon enough you'll probably open up in due time.
  5. Yarr. A quote I heard from a friend who used to roleplay on Iwaku that might inspire you to go out and roleplay. "The more I roleplayed on Iwaku, the easier it became to do and the easier it became to interact with everyone."

    But anyway, hello! I hope you have a great time here.

    What genre is your favorite and why?
  6. always do :D lol
  7. and specific favorite is noone i just like being able to pick another race than human
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  8. Hallo Echo, welcome to the community! :3
  9. thank you :)