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  1. Hello everyone, I'm Chai. c: I attend college classes part-time and work full-time, and I've been roleplaying since I was in middle school. I haven't been part of a roleplaying community in a really long time, so I hope to make some new friends here and have some fun writing! <3
  2. Hello chai I am jrock and I am new as well. So really as much as I would like to... I can't quite give you a warm greeting as this isnt really my home either yet. ^^' anyways hopefully we can be friends!
  3. Hello Jrock, it's great to meet you. c: Of course we can be friends! We can learn our way into this community together, hehe. What sort of roleplaying do you like to do?
  4. What do I do? Mostly fantasy as to the animal part. My characters are furrys if it helps to know. I really do alot I guess. ^^
  5. Ahhh, I see! I've never really done furry RP myself, but I do like the fantasy genre. c: I like to roleplay all sorts of genres, though. I think it's fun to write different things from time to time. What sort of RP are you going to try and join?
  6. Anything that seems interesting and isn't based on an actual thing. I really don't like references so if it's like based off of a book I'll most likely not join. I guess that just settles it to where Im more based on originality than copying ^^
  7. Ahh, I completely agree! I much prefer original work. I did a fanfic-type roleplay for a friend once, and I didn't really enjoy it. ;c Isn't it more fun creating your own characters and plot?
  8. Yes which is why I created a threat called a never-ending trek. Think about it. When one story is over. Another begins! It's in the jump in roleplay section so anyone can join or leave the expedition
  9. Oh, I see it! How exactly is it supposed to work? I might join you. c:
  10. In the beginning of each journey the members will decide where they want to journey to. (cannot be real places) The goal will be set and the group heads out facing dangers and challenges. From thugs to a broken axle on a vehicle. The group must pull through to the goal. Waypoints may be made but another destination cannot be set.
  11. I find chai delicious! >:3 Welcome to the community miss Chai!
  12. Wow, what a cool idea! Maybe I'll pop in tomorrow night when I get home from work. c:

    Hehe, you have great taste! Thank you very much for the welcome. This is a lovely community from what I've seen just in the last hour. c:
  13. I really might not be on tomorrow ^^' I'm a high schooler and really I have to get some sleep for lifeguard training class.
  14. No worries. c: I'm sure we'll see each other around the community.
  15. Most likely yes. <^~^>
  16. I am now. c: What's up?
  17. If your going to join the never-ending trek you might want to hurry! We are about to leave fo the first spot!
  18. Ooh, I was on my phone. I couldn't really join properly. :c Let me know next time a journey begins? c:
  19. well we haven't left the start yet. He left so it's just me and to join you just have to make an entrance like walks towards the group quickly and silently or something like that