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  1. As you will have noticed, I am new to the site.

    My age, gender and country of birth I prefer not to talk about for now: these would give a quick and easy picture of me which I would then proceed to not conform to. I might seem a little distant sometimes, but I am not hostile, I assure you, I just don't make friends easily. But I hope we will be pleasant acquaintances.

    It has been a while since I roleplayed at all, and most of it not in writing, but I write in a non-roleplaying way, so I hope for the best.
    Any suggestions you have for me - what you think I should know about, or what is considered good form here - are most welcome.

    A good day to all.
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  2. Welcome to Iwaku. Come hang out in the cbox and talk with us : )

    If you need anything feel fre to ask.
  3. Greetings, dear Aigilas!
    So, your least-favorite genres are really ones you love so much you're a little... overbearing?
    I don't know where you last wrote, but passion is well-regarded here!

    What elf-specific facts do you adhere to?
  4. Thank you for the welcome.

    Yes indeed, Koene, as you said. At least to begin with, I want to start in my comfort-zone, that is, in my non-zealous zone. It's not that I don't want to be passionate, just that there are things I feel so passionate about that I want to protect them and rather just write stories about them on my own, both to shield my own feelings and to save my roleplaying partners from my trying to force things on them, which is never pleasant.

    The elf-related facts I adhere to would make up a large essay. (Although if we were to have a roleplay in which my character would be an elf, that would answer your question... in a very lengthy fashion. Except if you also have elf-related reservations, in which case that wouldn't be easy.)
  5. Ah, I see. Though you might miss out if you protect them too much!
    But what sorts of 'reservations' could I possibly have? With everything from Keebler elves to Lord of the Rings elves to the Irish elf legends, it's hard to be elf-ist nowadays.
  6. Indeed, and I somehow still managed to... In that case though, I suppose, if you want to, I'm up to it. But only if you want to, because the whole thing was just an aside and I'm not by any means trying to use your kindness to forcibly recruit you.
  7. I am quite talented at talking myself into a corner, but it would be interesting to roleplay with you! However, it might be prudent to wait a bit - I just can't seem to escape real life at the moment.
    How about you get yourself settled in the community, I get things worked out for myself, and we revisit this later?
    I'll keep an eye on you, though :)
  8. Very well. Message me if you want, when you feel like it. Just don't feel pressured to. :) I will do my best to become a productive member of the community in the meantime.

    Besides I think the only way to escape real life is rather permanent and also excludes roleplaying... (All right, I admit that was morbid.)
  9. Hello.

    A fresh one, much like us.

    Perhaps. Greetings.

    We look forward to seeing you in action.

    In a realm where words speak louder than action, that statement is irrelevant.

    Can't spare me a second here, can you?

    Nevertheless, welcome. We hope you enjoy your stay here.

  10. Thank you, to both (all?) of you, Ashalia(s).
  11. "Both" would be the best way to describe us.

    You need not pluralise my name. This being is just a parasite that follows me around.

    I tell the truth!

    It speaks out the thoughts in my mind.

    Until we synchronize.
  12. I'll keep that in mind.