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  1. Hey. My name is Bethany Angelstar. I am on deviant art, facebook, and tumblr. I love to roleplay with other people who enjoy writing a good story with credible grammar.

    My favourite interests are dragons, gargoyles, school/home based stories, and the odd superhuman story. I also enjoy good horrors, provided they are written well.

    I'm not really sure how to start things. I just signed up, and I'm looking to get started with a cool gargoyle RP, if I can. :)
  2. Well welcome here, you should be able to read the 101 guides here under help. I suggest you do, it will give you a good start to joining the community.

    Dragons, superhuman, horror? Marry me?

    As far as gargoyle RPs go I haven't seen any, maybe thats just because I am not looking but if you want to start one I would suggest posting in the Jump In Roleplays. They are a good way to start and meet some new people in the community.

    The gargoyle thing does sound cool though, I would be willing to do one. So if you find one or start one PM me or contact me in someway and I would be glad to join.

    If you love dark themes I just wrote a short story that you might like. Click here to get it.
  3. Haha! Sorry, I'm already taken! Married with a kid. But, I'm glad I caught the interest of someone else with these interests!

    I'll definitely read your story. And, if you don't want to the the gargoyle theme story, there are other ideas I have that could be fun. :)
  4. Well I am pretty much up for anything. So if you ever want to another RP, I am always there... O.O

    Also... How does historically accurate, privateer, Tortuga, pirate, Caribbean, and a plot very related to Seven Samurai sound? We are looking for more people to join in...