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  1. It is I, the Mad Queen, but you may just call me Lane. No, Lane's not my real name. The name my mother gave me is way overused and doesn't quite suit me. I'm twenty-two years old. My friends say I act more like an eleven-year-old than my own age, but I disagree. I'm the artistic, creative, and borderline antisocial type. I'd probably rather watch SpongeBob and draw all day than be out adulting. Okay, maybe I do act like an eleven-year-old. Oh, well. I have varied roleplay interests and am generally always up for trying different things. Furry's like the only thing I won't mess with. I just have never been able to get into it.
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  2. Haha. Nice to meet you! I hope you like it around our site, and welcome to Iwaku.
  3. Hello! Welcome to Iwaku!! ^_^