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  1. Hello! I am the God of Pretzels! You can call me Jacob or Berry though! It is a pleasure to meet all of you. Hmm, a little about myself is something many of you probably wish to ask! Well, I like video games, music, manga, movies, comics and anime. Yes, I know, I am a nerd, then again, most of us on here are right? Just me? Okay.

    I also enjoy soccer(Futbol for all you non-americans) Tennis and Baseball. I am a pretty chill guy that loves to talk and have fun. I recently arrived here from Role Play Nation(Don't hate me if like Iwaku has beef against RPN)

    So yeah, that is me! Pleasure too meet all of you! If you have questions from me just ask! If you want to RP also just ask!
  2. Hey Jacob, welcome to Iwaku! No worries, we all have a bit of nerd in us when it comes to things we like. I'm like you, I love anime and manga, games, etc. What roleplay genres do you like?
  3. Well, Lets see. I like just about any and all Role-Plays. Especially Fandom(Mostly Anime), Realistic, Fantasy. I don't do a lot of 1x1's though. I also love Detailed and Casual. Not a huge fan of Simple ones though. What about you @Surrender To Hope ?
  4. I enjoy my 1x1's, those long term with detail and description. I've done group roleplays but with my schedule it would be hard to keep up nowadays. Fantasy, steampunk, historical, modern, to name a few. Fantom I'm not opposed to if the story is good. I'm still working on a request thread as we speak.
  5. Hello, other newbie and fellow nerd! (Coincidentally, I also love anime, comics and soccer.)
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  6. Ah, Nice. What request thread is this? I have an Idea for a fandom RP that I am bringing over from RPN.

    And hey Ophiuchus! I love Anime and Soccer(Play and watch) Favorite team is FC Bayern
  7. Oh just my own request thread seeking partners and a combination of compiled ideas. It is taking longer than I expected. What fandom are you bringing over?
  8. It is about the anime and Manga called Food Wars! Shokugeki No Soma. It is set three years after the Manga and Anime start. Maybe you've heard of it?
  9. I have not but I'm about to look it up.
  10. It is a great Anime and Manga on Cooking. Kinda Realistic, I use the recipes from the manga to cook and what not. Super fun to watch and the story is so good and intense.

    Also, it is Shonen Jumps new Flagship manga with naruto over and what not
  11. It sounds interesting. I'll have to check it out on crunchy roll. For some reason I'm feeling kind of hungry now lol.
  12. Haha. Yeah, make sure you watch it with food so you don't starve to death. And probably without other people... Food Porn and what not XD

    Alas, I must go sleep, I have to wake up posthaste! so, nice to meetcha. Have a nice night!
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  13. Haha will do. Have a goodnight Jacob!
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