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  1. Hello there people of Iwaku. I'm new to this website but I'm not new to Roleplaying. I've been Roleplaying for three years now, four years this September. Just like the content rating says, I can do any kind of setting or pairing.

    Now that I got that out of the way. How about some rules?
    1. I would like at minimal of one post a day, if you're gonna be busy for a few days, I would like to be notified a day or so in advance, if you don't I would think you lost interest, and that would make sad DX

    2. When it comes to length of the post, I don't want one-liners. I've been in enough of those 1x1s and thanks to that I lost all of my creativeness and the ability to make good side post. I can still do that but it takes more effort. Now what's a reasonable post length? I would say about 1-4 paragraphs, we can do more, but I don't want to have a half a book per post though.

    Now those are my two biggest concerns. Now onto the actual pairings.

    Demon x Angel
    Fallen Angel x Demon
    Human x Elf
    Drow x Elf
    Werewolf x Vampire
    Werewolf x Human
    Vampire x Demon
    A God x Human
    Fallen God x Fallen God
    Fallen God x Human
    Dragon x Human
    Dragonborn x Human
    Half elf x Human
    Half Orc x Human

    Robot x Creator
    Alien x Human Captive
    Two people on a crashed ship on a unknown planet
    Soldier x Soldier

    Bad boy x Good Girl
    Nerd x Jock
    Teacher x Student
    Cancer patient x Stranger
    Tourist x Local
    Police officer x Criminal
    Body Guard x Important person

    Dragon Age
    Saints Row
    Grand Theft Auto
    Dark Souls
    Star Wars
    Jurrassic Park
  2. I love the sound of a criminal x police officer roleplay, and also the alien x human captive.
  3. Awesome ^^ can you send me a pm so we can talk about what we should do?
  4. I actually love three of the parings

    1. Bad boy x Good girl (lol who wouldn't)
    2. Cancer Patient x Stranger
    3. Bodyguard x Important Person

    Now quick question would you rather have my character as a male or female and which parts do you want to play?
  5. Are you still looking?
  6. Yes I'm still looking ^^ now what would you like to do?
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